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Cloud 9

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Paul and Elisabeth with pup. Photo Credit Wendy McCarthur.

Paul and Elisabeth with pup. Photo Credit Wendy McCarthur.

We had the honor of being part of an air and ground transport on March 22nd.  9 little basset hound puppies were relinquished by their owner and swept up by TriState Basset Rescue in PA. The hard part was done….the pups could be promised a chance at life.  Now, to line up transporters to deliver them 1200 miles!

We started out with intense fog and low clouds and had to push our freedom flight back a couple of hours.  We arrived at Mobile Regional Airport at 11:30 to 9 of the cutest, happiest and lively bunch of long ears and fat feet you’ve ever seen!  5 to one crate, 2 to another, 2 in the backseat with our PnP photographer, Amanda Melton and 1 in the front seat with me and we were off!  We flew an hour and a half to Birmingham, where we were met with the first of 6 ground transporters.  They were relayed, car-by-car, with lots of pit-stops and arrived at the rescue Sunday morning.  I’m told by the transport Coordinator, Cathy Larsen, that there was a huge influx of applications for them as soon as their story hit the website!  9 lives that would have ended too soon get a new start in a new city!

Basset pup in arms. Photo Credit Wendy McCarthur.

Basset pup in arms. Photo Credit Wendy McCarthur.

The pups came to the attention of TriState Basset Rescue when the dogs’ owner told a coworker that she was going to take them all to the shelter. They were 12 weeks old and living in less than desirable conditions. The shelter in Mobile is overcrowded and often euthanize for space. There just aren’t enough adopters for the legions of dogs and cats brought in, and chances were good that if the pups were taken there, they would never leave. The wheels were in motion and that animal advocate called around until she could find a place to take them.  Cathy Larsen with  TriState wanted them all, including the mother dog , but the owner wouldn’t part with her. She did finally convince her to let them pay for heartworm testing and spaying for the little mom.

So many people worked together to make this transport happen.  Leigh Stonecypher started building a transport team from Mobile, while Cathy worked on one from her end.  Even with the delays, this dedicated group of animal advocates switched hours, bent schedules, and patiently waited to get these 9 puppies to safety.  A very special thank you to Dr. Martin and his staff with Parkway Animal Hospital in Mobile for vetting and boarding the pups

A photo of the 9 pups and Mom. Photo Credit Wendy McCarthur.

A photo of the 9 pups and Mom. Photo Credit Wendy McCarthur.

until we could get them on their way.  Ground Transporters, Deanna Barrett and Tommy Patterson, Dana Tindell, Julie Wynn, Reenie Stafford, Jennifer Teaster, and Shana Miller  as well as photographers Amanda Melton and Wendy McCarthur.

From unwanted to loved…. the story of 9 baby bassets with their heads in the clouds!

Paul and Elisabeth Gardner


Photo Credit Wendy McCarthur.

Amanda Melton, freelance photographer, with her charge. Photo Credit Wendy McCarthur.


Photo Credit Wendy McCarthur.

Photo Credit Wendy McCarthur.

4 thoughts on “Cloud 9”

  1. Sandi says:

    Thank you PNP & to all the people involved to save the lives of these 9 precious fur babies who really are getting a 2nd chance at a forever home & lots of love.

  2. Reine Lacy says:

    I love this story. It is a shame that so many animals are put to sleep every day. My husband and I have 2 bassets and a lab mix. We love them and would have more if we had the space.

  3. Amy Allen says:

    We Adopted one of the puppies…In the picture where three bassets are being held..The middle one with the black face. His name is now Ben and he is absolutely precious! Thank you for all you do! WE APPRECIATE YOU ALL!

  4. Elisabeth Gardner says:

    OOOOHHHH Amy Allen! Ben is so precious! He was just so laid back and did really well on the flight! You are ALL so lucky to have found one another! I’m crying happy tears. I’m told all but 1 have been adopted~
    Thank you for giving Ben a chance~

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