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Full load of TN Labs fly to Florida

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Jim Carney ferried a full compliment of labs to Florida…

Angel 3

Angel looking out the window inflight after Mala saved her life.

I would like to dedicate this flight to the memory of Yellow Labrador Angel. Her rescue is in the book, Dog is my Copilot by Patrick Regan. In the NC shelter she was known as K38 and was within a few minutes of being put down when Mala Brady of FT Collins, CO saved her life. Mala was able to join Pilots N Paws and post Angel’s transport request. The following pilots volunteered to fly her to Mala in Colorad. Keith Decker, Jim Carney, Jim Bordoni, and Mitchell Stafford. Mala went on to be very good at helping rescues organize dog transports.

Angel crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday [April 1] while she was being held by Mala and family. I will never forget my flight for K38!! Thank you Mala for adopting K38 and giving her several great happy years. My heart is full of sorrow and sympathy for your loss.

Dedication fligt on March 31, 2014 for Black Lab Passengers


Jet watching the ground go by from 7000 feet above the earth.

1 – Jet
Jet was found as a stray somewhere in Tipton County, TN near Covington. He was found in the Tipton County shelter, and his information was passed on to me which I passed on to Kelly Smith of the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida (LLR of FL) who agreed to take him. I didn’t want him to stay in the Tipton Shelter with little or no vetting. Nina Wingfield director of the Collierville, TN shelter offered to help Jet by having me pull him from the shelter and bring Jet to her shelter where he would get vetted and free “room and board” until I could fly him to Florida.

2 – Jack
Jack was an owner surrender from McMinnville, TN. It took a lot of persuading the owner that LRR of FL was their best option.

3 – Diane
Diane was also an owner surrender from the same family. She is also Jack’s Sister!!

Jack and Dianne

Jack and Dianne

Flight 1
Covington, TN to Cookeville, TN
I picked Jet up from Nina at the Collierville shelter, and we flew to Cookeville where we would meet Donna York with Jack and Diane.

Flight 2
Cookeville, TN to Jacksonville, FL. After meeting Donna, we walked all three Labs and put them in my plane. Jet had his own first class area in the back baggage area. Jack and Diane rode in the back seat.  We took off for Jacksonville, FL Herlong Airport. The flight time was 2 hours and 25 minutes. Kelly Smith, with her daughters Jessica and Sarah, met us at Herlong. She was assisted by two LRR of FL Volunteers, Cindy and Leslie.

Donna York with the whole Lab gang!!

Donna York with the whole Lab gang!!

Thanks to:
Stephanie Smith who helped negotiate Jack and Dianes surrender to LRR of FL. She also found Jet on Facebook and sent his information to Kelly Smith and myself.
Nina Wingfield, director of the Collierville Animal Shelter, TN.
Donna York of Cookeville, TN. Donna works very closely with numerous rescues.
Kelly Smith and volunteers of Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida.

By all of us working together, the lives of three Labradors were saved.

L>R, Cindy with Jet, Leslie and Sarah with Diane, Kelly and Jessica with Jack.

L>R, Cindy with Jet, Leslie and Sarah with Diane, Kelly and Jessica with Jack.

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9 thoughts on “Full load of TN Labs fly to Florida”

  1. Jim Carney says:

    Last Thursday, I got the horrible news that Jet had a severe aneurysm .. His lungs were filling with blood. He was made stable by the best vets in Jacksonville, FL. but his long term health would be very unsure. His life style would not be good. The decision was made to put him to sleep. Jet had been adopted to a great family and would be going there as soon as he was fully vetted including treatment for Heart Worms.
    Jet camne from a terrible past and was so close to living a good life which he so deserved!!
    My Heart is broken,
    Jim Carney
    Sponser and PNP Pilot for Lab Jet
    Jet didn’t walk across the Rainbow Bridge, he flew!!

  2. Les Bell says:

    Thanks for helping these Labs. I’ve been around over 8 decades and if people were as honest, loyal and forgiving as Labs, you could skip heaven; life would be better here.

    Keep flying,


  3. Brenda Howland says:

    It’s hard to put into words the love Pilots N Paws have for these fur babies. A million “THANK YOUS” could never be enough for all you do. God loves you….the fur babies love you….and WE all love you. God bless you and your families for sharing you to help those in need. <3 <3 <3 and (((HuGs)))

  4. Della La Pre says:

    The rescue was wonderful thanks to LLR and the pilot. It’s true that angels are in the sky and on the ground. Thank you for your compassion and hearts

  5. Beverly Kay says:

    With tears..you all are amazing. Your stories of incredible love and extraordinary devotion to these animals so touches my heart. Kudos and blessings to you and those whom have been entrusted to your care. I read a story where someone asked God why do so many suffer… why dont you do something to stop the madness. …and He said “I did..I created you!” From a fellow fur baby lover and rescuer, thank you.

  6. Wade Roberts says:

    Jim: Well done! Bravo! It’s great to see a mention and photo of the true angels: the rescuers and fosters and coordinators on the ground. It’s an honor and a privilege to fly Pilots N Paws missions knowing that we’re in the same “squadron.”

  7. Margot Shaw says:

    Thank you SO MUCH to PNP. I’m crying reading these but at least there were Angels to help these beautiful dogs. They’re running around up there, thankful they were given a chance. Thank you PNP for being the GREAT people you are. Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers that help arrange these flights. Thank God there are good people like all of you in the World!!

  8. Michelle says:

    I’m so sorry, Jim! The picture of Jet flying with you is priceless. What a wonderful experience you gave him that day! Lots of love to you for all that you do. We appreciate you! ((Hugs!))

  9. Rhonda Holliday says:

    Jet is in a better place. God bless you and your efforts on behalf of the dogs.

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