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Guess The Weight Of The Largest Dog Flown By PNP Pilot John Davis!!

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image (2)Hey everyone, meet this lovable Great Dane named Media. PNP Pilot John Davis flew her from a bad home to a good home. She’s the largest dog he’s ever flown, and you’d be right if you guessed her at a loveable 110lbs!

Media is a big girl with an enormous heart to match and she is house trained. She

Media at the beginning of her trip in Kentucky

Media at the beginning of her trip in Kentucky

is good with other dogs but prefers people over other dogs and wants to be someone’s companion, if not people will chase cats to play.

Media would be a great companion because she wants nothing more than to be with you. “Media was a loveable Dog. She just rested her head on my shoulder just like the Majestic Lady that she was.” said pilot John Davis

Media would most likely do best in a home as the only dog since she is focused on her people. Her size is significant so a home with older children or just adults would be a good fit for her. When she raises her ears she has one that is crazy which makes her so cute.  She has a dominant personality but is a good girl.

Media at her foster home

Media at her foster home

She went into temporary foster care in Kentucky to get vetted. She then traveled to West Virginia to catch the plane. We had some delays as weather precluded John, our pilot, from flying to Huntington, WV to pick up Media. This ended in having to do a ground run. I think what is interesting about her story is how many people helped. 2 people in KY (shelter volunteer and foster), two drivers to WV, foster in WV, coordinator in WV, 5 drivers from WV to Baltimore, including the Pilot that drove Media from Cumberland, MD. She is now in foster care in Baltimore).

-John Davis, PNP Pilot

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Posted by Kathleen Quinn Charleston Executive Director, Pilots N Paws