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Lil Bit from Melbourne, FL to Indiana

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photo 3 (1)It took three legs Easter weekend to get Lil Bit back to her owner from Florida to Indiana. Thanks to our pilots Kiko Picornell (Melbourne), Caroline Hodges (Huntsville) and Joe Moss (Nashville) for  their time and effort to get her home.

–Pat Picornell, PNP Pilot


Lil Bit’s story as told by her mom, Penny:

On March 14 I found out my cat Lil Bit was taken to Aloha Animal Hospital, I contacted a lady named Cathy who helps rescue animals from shelters and keeps them from being put down. The next couple days I searched website after website on what it would cost for me to fly her from Melbourne, FL to Indianapolis, IN.

Penny reunited with Lil Bit!

Penny reunited with Lil Bit!

There was no way I could afford $500-1000 to fly her home. Cathy told me about this group Pilots N Paws and to see if I could get help through them. I looked the group up and read about the stories of all the pets they have helped either find new homes or return back to their owners. I was so touched that there were people out there willing to help others.

On March 26th I made my 1st post asking if anyone could help bring Lil Bit home. Right away I received a response from Joe Moss who was willing to make the 3rd leg. I received other responses who were willing to make the 2nd leg, but had trouble finding someone to make the 1st leg. I contacted Cathy and told her I was trying hard to get her here, but was having trouble getting her to GA.

photo 2 (1)I was in luck. The owners of the vet knew a pilot who was leaving Melbourne on April 17th and that is when I came in contact with Pat Picornell. She was willing to make the 1st leg and bring Lil Bit to GA. After that everything was working out great. I made another post looking for a 2nd leg from GA to TN. I was in luck, got a response from Caroline Hodges who was willing to do the 2nd leg on the 18th. Over the next week or so all the details started working out great.

Pat picked up Lil Bit on Wednesday and kept her overnight. On the 17th she flew out of Melbourne, and I landed in GA around 5 pm. She kept me up-to-date on how she was doing and sent me photos. Pat left the next morning to meetup with Caroline who was going to make the next leg from GA to TN. I received photos showing me the liftoff and letting me know she was on her way.

photo 1 (1)I was already on my way to meet Joe. I was so excited and felt like a kid at Christmas to finally have my baby back. I received a text from Joe letting me know he had her and was on his way. I was so excited and couldn’t wait. As I sat there waiting at the airport my nerves got to me a little but went inside and spoke with the staff who confirmed he was on time and as I told them my story they couldn’t wait for Joe to also get there.

As Joe’s plane landed, everyone was standing outside with me as he came in. As I was standing there I saw Joe step out and grab Lil Bit carrier, I ran over and as he was handing her over to me,alI can do was breakdown and cry. I am so greatful for all 3 pilots and this group for bringing her home to me.



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Posted by Kathleen Quinn Charleston Executive Director, Pilots N Paws

2 thoughts on “Lil Bit from Melbourne, FL to Indiana”

  1. Denise Smith says:

    Pilots N Paws are an amazing group of air transport. They have flown pets as well as rescues all over the country. Thank you for all you do Pilots N Paws for all you do. You are angels with true wings.

  2. Debbie Edge says:

    Wonderful story — wonderful people — got me a little teary here!! So happy that Lil Bit made it home!!

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