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PNP Pilot Wade Roberts Flew From Pearland, TX-Rockwall, TX with fellow LVJ Pilot Scott Bennett

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1901944_10152741847578312_1621753729_nPilot Wade Roberts was grounded on Feb. 14, when he was rear-ended in his car while stopped in traffic driving a blind Shih Tzu after a rescue flight (Precious, the little girl, happily, came through unscathed).

Surgery left him in left-hand splint, which hasn’t stopped him from flying transports while riding right/co-pilot seat in N20223, his Cessna Cardinal. On March 30, fellow Pearland (TX) Regional pilot Scott Bennett flew 223 with Wade, transporting eight dogs: an Anatolian Shepherd, two Terriers, two Chihuahuas, a Poodle, a Schnoodle and a Labradoodle from Houston to Dallas for fostering/ground connections/adoption.

“Great day,” said Wade. “It was a privilege and a pleasure to fly with Scott, a damn fine pilot, and to move these pooches.” Wade looks forward to losing the hand-splint on April 8, and to getting back to flying dogs several times a week.



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Posted by Kathleen Quinn Charleston, SC Executive Director Pilots N Paws

5 thoughts on “PNP Pilot Wade Roberts Flew From Pearland, TX-Rockwall, TX with fellow LVJ Pilot Scott Bennett”

  1. Jim Carney says:

    Wade and Scott,
    Way to go. What a plane full of Pups!!
    Jim Carney
    Fellow PNP Pilot – TN

  2. I met Wade and Scott this morning at the Pearland Airport and handed over Teddy Graham, a little blind Lhasa boy. They were flying Teddy to Mesquite to meet a ground transport. Teddy will eventually end up in Staten Island, NY, at his new home. Thank you Scott and Wade – super pilots!!!

  3. lana kleier says:

    Thank you wade for all you do for our fur-babies. We in louisville ky have used your services to transport our fur-baby to uc-davis for surgery. Pray for you rescures every day. Get well soon…I’m sure someone needs your services!!!!!”

  4. Xio Rodriguez says:

    It was an honor for my husband and I to deliver those doggies to Wade and Scott. They sure made a heck of a team. I was impressed by the laborious and diligent work at setting up the flight and get those babies to their destination, safe and in a timely manner. Kudos to both of you! Saving lives on the sky is your business!!! We are very proud to personally meet both of you.

  5. Jeri says:

    Just love all you pilot “angels” for saving our furbabies!

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