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Pilots N Paws- 8 Dogs/14? Kittens to PA

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Scott Messinger’s most recent┬áPILOTS N PAWS transport involved dogs and kittens from Logan, WV, bound for Delaware County SPCA. Credit goes again to Janet Schoen from Dog Bless Rescue near Charleston, WV, who planned and coordinated this combined dog/cat rescue.

This batch of dogs seemed particularly downtrodden..( strange adjective for dogs, but true)…Every dog appeared terrified and depressed. Except for Janet’s temporary fosters, these dogs had never seen human kindness, and you could see it in their eyes. The shepherd wouldn’t leave the van. Too scared. Another, was a sweet boy, but had gotten the reputation as a “fear” biter… Thankfully, DELCO SPCA agreed to take him anyway, and re-socialize him. Too often a dog gets named as a biter, and it’s all over from there. So, kudos to Delaware County SPCA for looking past his temporary biting, and agreeing to work with him.

This was our first combined dog/cat transport and all went well. Not being a cat person, this was somewhat new to me. We go back to WV next tuesday for a return engagement, before taking a short break,

–Scott Messinger, PNP Pilot

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Posted by Kathleen Quinn Charleston Executive Director, Pilots N Paws