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Todd & Mary Brooks Are Back In The Air, Flying Their 30th Pilots N Paws Mission!

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April 26th, 2014 Todd and I started our 30th Pilots N Paws Rescue at (3M5) Moontown Airport in Huntsville, Alabama, ourDSC01282 home base. Our airplane was down for an aviation panel upgrade for 4 months. So it is good to be back in the air. We headed to Meridian, Mississippi to meet Bill Amsden and pick up 10 puppies and mama dog. These pups and mama were a black lab mix and boxer. With all passengers on board we headed to Greene County Regional in Georgia where we met up with Keith Decker.

There was a mix up with the meeting airport so we unloaded the pups and got mama some water and a walk. The pups were hungry so I decided to let them nurse. This was so much fun seeing all these puppies getting breakfast.

photo (20)Once Keith arrived we gave him all the puppies and mama dog. He gave us a little german Sheppard mix. She had an injury to her back leg but still got around very carefully and so very loving. Everyone one was loaded, Keith took off to transport the pups and mama dog to a rescue and we headed back to Huntsville with the Sheppard. Mary Beth Fossett met us at Moontown airport to pick up the little Sheppard mix puppy. It was a very successful return to Pilots N Paws flight after being out of the air for several months.

It is always very emotional for these rescuers to let the dogs go, but they know the animals are headed for a better life.

All rescues are complex rescues, but they end up very successful. We appreciate how hard the volunteers work facilitating constantly changing dogs, destinations, times, pilots, and weather.

Unfortunately many others aren’t as lucky, and as you all know, the only answer to this devastating issue is to spay/neuter/rescue. All of these dogs are really sweet, and they deserve to be curled up on the living room floor at night not tossed out like trash.

Cessna N2858F

Todd & Mary Brooks

photo 4 (1) photo 1 photo (22) DSC01277 DSC01275 photo (19)


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Posted by Kathleen Quinn Charleston Executive Director, Pilots N Paws