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Dog Rescues / Flights for Julian

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by PNP Pilot Pete Tobin
Karen and I were in Nashville to visit with friends and attend a party.  As always, wherever you go, there are dogs in need.  We were able to get four dogs out of a kill shelter and to foster families through both the Animal Rescue Foundation and Plumbers for Puppies.
Winston above was adopted by a family with two kids after three weeks with his foster family who was Karen’s mom.
The above dog was adopted after one week with its foster family who volunteers for A.R.F.
Winston on his way to be vetted and groomed courtesy of Plumbers for Puppies.
A month later on 03/23/14:
We were on a weekend camping trip in Georgia.  A week ahead of the trip, Karen contacted a high kill shelter in Rome, Georgia and was able to get six dogs out of that shelter.  Five of the dogs went to foster families through A.R.F. of Illinois.  (Animal Rescue Foundation)  A.R.F. had its hands full with two of the dogs that came from the Rome, Georgia shelter.
The white male boxer was extremely skinny and had severe allergies.  After being put on a healthy grain free diet and being given benadryl, steroids and epsom salt baths, his skin is doing much better after being in Chicago a month now.
The other dog that was in the worst shape was a senior female black flat coated retriever named Olive.  Peter and I worried that even the stress of the flight might do Olive in, but we also knew it was her only chance.  Olive was severely dehydrated, had pneumonia and a severe cough, a terrible matted coat, tested positive for heart worm and also had bad teeth, so she could only eat soft food.  She spent her first three weeks in the Chicago area in an animal hospital, but was finally released to her foster family.  A few more days in the Rome Georgia shelter would have done her in.  She has a long road ahead and can’t even begin the heartworm treatment until she gets stronger.  However, she was able to be groomed, so she didn’t have the matted coat any longer.
The below three photos were taken while loading the dogs in Pine Mountain, Georgia:
Peter carefully loading poor sweet Olive below:
There weren’t enough crates so this little guy below got to ride up front with Karen and I.  To thank us for saving his life, he puked all over Karen and peed all over me.
The life of a dog rescuer.
The remaining photos below were all taken after landing in Chicago:
This guy below got a little attached to Karen before the end of the trip.  At the shelter, they called him Bones because he was so skinny.  A.R.F.’s foster mom promptly changed this Boxer’s name to Dempsey as in Jack Dempsey.  I am hoping she adopts Dempsey because he fits in so well at her household with her two other dogs:
Olive is pictured again above after landing safely in Chicago.
BTW – as of this rescue, we are up to 179 successful rescues.  Which sounds like a lot until you consider that there are three Pilots ‘N Paws pilots who’ve cleared 1,000 animals rescued.
This is one group we are so proud to be associated with.  :-)
Update:  Karen’s mom rewarded the one little dog who puked on Karen and peed all over me by agreeing to foster him.  She named him Jake.  I’m pretty sure that she’s on her way to her first Foster Failure.  I don’t think she’ll ever give Jake up.  These are photos of Jake while with Karen’s mom below:
We hope our next dog rescue will be this upcoming weekend.
P.S.  In addition to our Pilot’s ‘N Paws runs, I have been able to get in two Wings of Mercy runs and have been able to fly Julian once to his doctors to get some very specialized surgery and then back home again a month later after his second surgery.  Here is Julian on 03/20/14:
And to thank me for this flight he sent me this pic of my airplane:
And returning to his family after his second flight – 04/22/14:

Subaru and Petmate are proud sponsors of Pilots N Paws.


Posted by Kathleen Quinn Charleston Executive Director, Pilots N Paws

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  1. Dona Doig says:

    You are such beautiful people to do this for all these dogs in need. We have three rescues that we adore thanks to people like you who save them!! Just bought one of your t-shirts. Blessed and safe travels to you all.

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