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FLIGHT to FREEDOM for Cohen with Richard and Leanna Marz

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CLAP of HANDS and HUGS to PNP pilot Richard Marz and one of his daughters, Leanna who flew from Statesboro, Ga to Bainbridge and then to Brunswick to help lil’ Cohen get to Grateful Goldens Rescue (HUGS Virginia). He had an adventure, that is for certain! Now he has a new life to begin! SALUTE to Beth Yockey Eck for transporting him to the airport. We appreciate the pilots that fly for us, and all the rescuers that save these animals and give them the chance to live! cohen cohen1 cohen2 cohenfl1 cohenflt2 cohenflt3 cohenflt4 cohenflt5 cohenflt6 cohenflt7

2 thoughts on “FLIGHT to FREEDOM for Cohen with Richard and Leanna Marz”

  1. Marianne says:

    A true Hero…May all your journey’s be safe. Thanks for sharing your heart and time.

  2. Marc says:

    You guys rock. As a pilot, I can really appreciate the work you do in rescuing these beautiful dogs. Good job!!

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