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Lumberjack rescue in Louisiana to Humane Society in Pinellas County Florida. Three legs of pilots. And eight sweet pups.

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IMG_17009367355533Abby was abandoned in Plain Dealing, LA when her owners moved away and left her behind. She gave birth to 11 Pups a week later. A neighbor took it upon herself to help her, but she herself rescues dogs and simply didnt have the resources or space. She contacted us and despite the number, we agreed to take them. They spent the next 3 weeks in my laundry room, on comfortable beds.
Abby was able to go outside and stretch and get away from them for a break. I insisted on keeping them isolated there, to minimize the chance of them contracting Parvo. I had an outbreak here a couple of years ago and lost 2 of 6 puppies. Routinely I had to rotate the puppies to nurse because Abby didn’t have enough teats for all of them and there were 2 smaller ones I was worried would not survive. But they thrived.
At 4 weeks they went to my foster John and Tammy Perkins who took all 11 and mom into their home. John built a 30 x 30 pen for them to play outside during the day and then bring them in at night. Boy did they grow. Once Abby stopped nursing and we had them on solid food, Abby was vetted and spayed. Two weeks later one of John’s friends who lives in Texas wanted to come meet her. He had a 4 yr old girl named Addie. From the moment I met him and with assurances from John, I knew she was home.
The Pics he posted afterwards gave me goosebumps. We had an adoption event at Tractor Supply in Bossier City Louisiana andIMG_17428793786126 were able to find homes for 3 of the Pups. As they continued to grow we were very worried they would get too big and be difficult to find homes. Thats where Humane Society Of Pinellas County, agreed to take them, Pilots N Paws agreed to fly them out of Monroe, LA, and Carolyn Harris who coordinated the flights came in. You know the rest.
This journey brought me to tears so many times. Especially when that plane took off from Monroe. What happened after that was such an amazing journey. All adopted in less than 3 weeks. May God Bless.
-Justin W. Thomas, animal rescue volunteer
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4 thoughts on “Lumberjack rescue in Louisiana to Humane Society in Pinellas County Florida. Three legs of pilots. And eight sweet pups.”

  1. Jim Carney says:

    This is the most awesome rescue ever!!!! Thanks, Carolyn for helping!!
    Jim Carney
    PNP – West TN

  2. Cindy King says:

    What a wonderful story and a happy ending for the mom and all of the puppies. What a blessing Pilots N Paws is to so many dogs. Thank you for what you do.

  3. Mary Falcone says:

    My brother Mike Young was the pilot for one leg of this rescue!! Thanks to him and the other two pilots this story had a happy ending!

  4. Justin W, Thomas says:

    Carolyn, you and the Pilots at Pilots N Paws, have NO IDEA how much you help us to save lives. This is a game changer for Animal Rescue. YALL ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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