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Pilots N Paws Transport for Porky and Little Mama

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Volunter:foster Tomi with Little Mama and Pilots N Paws Raymond with Porky. Thank you guys so much for getting them to safety!These two little miracle babies survived parvo, a horrible disease. Porky was brought in after 5 days of already being parvo positive. He was unresponsive with a 104 fever. He was hooked up immediately to an IV, given fluids and medications. After he had been at the vet clinic for a couple of hours the vet advised he needed a blood transfusion. A blood transfusion was done and tamiflu was also given. Porky was sent to the ER clinic to be closely monitored. Little Mama came in weak and very sick, but not as sick as her brother. She was hooked up to an IV, given medications and tamiflu. After a week in the hospital both babies made a complete turn around and were released to a foster that was local. We are so grateful to finally have them here in Austin, Texas. Thank you to everyone that played a role in making this happen!! (Crystal with Hartman’s Haven in Conover, Jill, Vonna, Tanya and Pilot Raymond).

We are excited to finally meet our hero pilot and our two parvo survivors Saying good bye to North Carolina, and hello Texas Saying good bye to North Carolina, and hello Texas! Landing at Austin's Executive Airport with our two celebrities Little Mama and Porky One of the staff members of the Airport getting some Porky and Little Mama loving Puppies are loaded and ready to go! Rock Hill, North Carolina Jolene the Jelly Bean and Little Mama Going to Aunt foster Tomi's house for awhile Going to Aunt foster Heather's house 10329314_617286345033366_7878264713741940781_n 10372018_617285185033482_4593998642938796455_n 10390317_617285128366821_4438709593597727392_n Baby Rhino and Porky 10153671_617283171700350_4949175144447624318_n

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  1. Lorayne Smith says:

    Thank you, what you do is amazing. :)

  2. Cathy says:

    That is great news will the pups be up for adoption ? I’m in Pa

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