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Lucas and Dick Complete First PnP Flight

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Dick Cole sent the following:

This was my son’s and my first mission in support of Pilot N Paws. The transport was to move Salem, an English Pointer, from an animal shelter in Oklahoma to his foster home in Kentucky on June 21, 2014. The trip was coordinated by Emily McDonald, Pointer Rescue Org, and she did a fantastic job lining up 3 ground leg transports from Oklahoma to the Springfield-Branson Airport, MO, and 3 more ground leg transports from the Mount Vernon Municipal Airport, Mount Vernon, IL to Kentucky.

1 Pickup Salem at KSGF

Dorrie brought Salem on time to the Springfield-Branson Airport, Springfield, MO, and the folks at the General Aviation Complex welcomed Salem in the terminal area to cool off before loading on the plane. Salem attached to my son fairly quickly while I prepared the backseat for Salem to lie down on but instead he seemed more comfortable on the floor. After looking around, he laid down and with a few gentle pats and scratches behind his ears, Salem slept the entire trip.

2 Boarding

It was warm on the ground but at 9500 feet altitude the temperature was very comfortable with low humidity. After landing at the airport in Mt. Vernon, IL, Doris was waiting for us on the ramp and we were very glad since it was close to 90 degrees and it was good for Salem to keep moving. The slightly sad part was Salem seemed to attach to anyone who showed him kindness and when he was turned over to Doris, Salem kept looking back at my son. But from the pictures, he looks very happy to be in his foster home and we hope he finds his forever home soon – he was a very good dog.

Too much fun and moving to fast for the camera.

Too much fun and moving to fast for the camera.

My son and I will continue to look for missions through Pilot N Paws. We had a terrific time and enjoyed contributing a small part in saving a good dog.

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4 thoughts on “Lucas and Dick Complete First PnP Flight”

  1. Thank you so much for helping Salem!

    Info on ADOPTABLE Salem here: http://www.pointerrescue.org/dogs/140773-P-D-OK.htm

  2. Susan Abner says:

    Great job. Thank you for being there for these babies.

  3. Celia Tamker says:

    Thank you all for the awesome job you do! PNP is literally a lifesaver!

  4. Patty woods says:

    I have followed rescues for several years. Glad to hear that this fellow will find a forever home. My daughter keeps my house a rescue place for all animals she comes in contact with. This last dog was rescued over on east side of San Antonio. She was at a party and a pack of dogs ran by. One dog jumped in her car now he lives here at the house. He might be a Great Pyrenees mix. He has 6 toes on his back feet. Very calm and sweet. He is approximately 4 months old and weighs 40 lbs. kudos to my brother and nephew.

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