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Parvo Survivor to NJ and Some Pups Hitched a Ride

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Desi was a 9-month old hound that weighed just 25 pounds. She survived parvo, lost 4 inches of her colon, was very skinny, and needed to get out of the kennel as her paws were starting to bleed.


At Roanoke airport with Steve

The New England Humane Society stepped in to say they could help out Desi, but she needed to get from Georgia to Rhode Island. As the planning progressed, three pups were added to the flight: Crush, Trotter, and Simon.








A trio of pilots and a ground transporter had a plan:
Leg 1: Desi’s foster would ground transport her to Chester, SC. Sorry, don’t know the name of who took care of Desi and got things started off.
Leg 2: Overnight with Steve Langford in Chester. Launch in his C182 the next morning to Lynchburg, VA .
Leg 3: Brian Carlson had the leg from Lynchburg, VA to Flying W (N14) in Lumberton, NJ.
Leg 4: Doug Weir was scheduled to fly from NJ to RI, but he couldn’t make it and found his own replacement at the last minute in Rob Bondy.

Rob and Brian loading Desi into her crate in Rob's plane at Lumberton

Rob and Brian loading Desi into her crate in Rob’s plane at Lumberton

Sue Coculo picked up the pups and Flying W, and Ryan picked up Desi and the end of the trip.

Mother nature decided the flight for Desi and the pups was to be very eventful. Lynchburg was socked in that morning and was taking no traffic. The hand-off was switched to Roanoke, but that delayed things. The passengers did not seem to mind however!

As a special treat for fighting the weather, the pilots and dogs had a special treat. Lumberton was hoppin’ — warbirds flying in formation (with smoke) over the field, helicopter giving free rides to kids, hundreds of people playing in the plane-shaped pool, rocking chairs on the veranda overlooking the runway, and a good restaurant and bar. What’s not to like?



Despite some challenging weather in Virginia, the assembled team was able to complete the transport.

Desi Before


Desi After Some TLC


Desi was able to improve after arriving in New England, but the trauma her body suffered won out in the end.  She left the world in caring hands and only after knowing what being loved is.  She’ll be waiting at the rainbow bridge to greet those that helped her.

On a happier note: All 3 pups were being loved on as soon as they arrived and have already been adopted.


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  1. Natalie says:

    Glad that Crush, Trotter and Simon have great new homes.! My heart breaks for Desi, but there is peace in knowing that she felt true love from all of you wonderful people who helped her.

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