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Pit Mix Amaretto and her Pups are SAFE!!

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July 5 2014

Covington, TN


Fly from Covington, TN to Sherman, TX and fly Amaretto and her pups who had been rescued from a Ft. Worth Animal Shelter “death row” back to Covington, TN.

Flight Plan

I departed Covington Airport , TN on Saturday at 9:15 AM for the 2 hour and 15 minute flight to Sherman, TX where Debbie and Jim Leddon met me with Amaretto and pups. After taking pictures we carefully loaded the dogs in their crates and I departed back for Covington, TN where Dana and crew of Tipton Treasures/ Paws New England would be waiting for my arrivial.

Very Sad Sight

Amaretto is suffering from Demodex Mange. The worst case ,which was left untreated, I have ever seen. Everyone said the same thing!! She had very little hair on her body. I will admit on my way back to Covington while thinking about my passengers, I cried!!

Happy Ending

Amaretto and Pups are now safe and in very good hands with Dana of Tipton Treasures/ Paws New England.


Kelly Parker, Dana and crew of Tipton CO Treasures/ Paws New England. They have been rescuing from Tipton County Animal Control since 2008 and have rescued 4000 + dogs. Also, THANK YOU to Deb and Jim Leddon who picked up the dogs and brought them to me at the Sherman Airport. Thanks to, Heather Twisdale and Melony Bennett of Paws and Claws, they have been able to reduce the euthanasia rate at Tipton CO from 85% to 32%. If I were the Mayor of Covington, TN, who is a vet, I would be ashamed!!

Jim Carney
Pilot for Pilots N Paws – TN


Deb and Jim at Sherman, TX.

Deb and Jim at Sherman, TX.

Amaretto showing her HORRIBLE condition!!

Amaretto showing her HORRIBLE condition!!

Tipton Treasures crew holding one of Amarettos Pups

Tipton Treasures crew holding one of Amarettos Pups

Dana and crew of Tipton Treasures, Paws New England.

Dana and crew of Tipton Treasures, Paws New England.


10 thoughts on “Pit Mix Amaretto and her Pups are SAFE!!”

  1. Jim Carney says:

    Amarettos name has been changed to Penny Lane. Please watch the video made by Kelly Clark at http://vimeo.com:80/102758944 It is great!! If for some reason the video doesn’t open just go to vimeos web site and search Penny Lane.
    Penny Lane and Pups are doing great but they still have a long road ahead!!
    Thanks for all the support,
    Jim Carney
    Pilot – Pilots N Paws

  2. Jim Carney says:

    Sad update. Two of Penny Lanes Pups have passed away but the rest are doing OK. Please pray for Penny Lane and the rest of her pups.
    Jim Carney
    Pilot – Pilots N Paws

  3. Jan says:

    I have to ask! WHY has the Tipton Treasures/ Paws New England Facebook page so empty and not been updated since 2012? Is it a real rescue operation….does it exist? I cannot believe this has not been mentioned by anyone! If it is not operational, then why does PilotsnPaws promote it?

  4. Teddie Gwynn says:

    I know from experience that demodex is very difficult to treat (and the treatments can be pretty brutal on the dog). I sincerely hope that treatment is successful, and that she lives a long and happy life…with her pups!

  5. Susan J says:

    Thank you all so much for saving so many furbabies!

  6. Wendy says:

    I would love to see pictures after the mange treatment is done. I hope this dog finds a home that will love her with her post mange scarring.

  7. Joan Polovitch says:

    That’s amazing that you all were able to save the poor Pittie and her pups!!!!! Hopefully she can get treatment to heal up her skin condition! !!! Thanks to people like you who truly love dogs!!! Bravo! !!

  8. Wade Roberts says:

    Way to go, Jim!

  9. Kelly Parker says:

    Hello, my name is Kelly Parker and I am the executive director of PAWS New England. Just wanted to post a thank you to the incredible folks at Pilots n Paws in the best way we know how.. Through photos and a little video we put together:


    The work of Pilots n Paws is truly life-saving. Without Jim’s courageous and urgent trip to get Penny Lane and her puppies, they all would have been euthanized in an overcrowded shelter and never have received the love and medical care that they deserved.

    I hope everyone who would like to see the “after” photos will continue to watch our facebook page for near daily posts of Penny Lane, her puppies, and their incredible journey.

    Thank you so much to Pilots n Paws, but an especially huge thank you to pilot Jim Carney who is a hero…

  10. Jim Carney says:

    Jan, yes Tipton Treasures/Paws New England does exist. Dr Kelly Clark of Paws New England is for real. Google Paws New England. Why does not having or posting on a facebook page mean thay are not for real?. Are you sure you know how PNP is set up to operate?
    Penny Lanes rescue was so special Dr Clark flew Washington DC to ST Louis drove down picked up Julie Adams in MO and drove on down to Covington, TN to meet all of the Tipton Treasures volunteers she had never met in person. My wife Janine took the group picture in the video. Dr. Kelly Clark is the lady kneeling down on the right side. Tipton CO/Covington does not have any animal control at all except Tipton Treasures/ Paws New England which is staffed by volunteers. They have been able to get the euthansia rate down from over 75% to less than 30%. Penny Lanes Tipton CO connection was just for transport and Kelly used all of their resources which meant fostering Penny Lane and her pups till Kelly made it back to TN.
    Tipton Treasures/Paws New England have saved over 4000 dogs from Tipton CO/Covington, TN and almost all went to New England, hence the Paws New England. Dr Clark and Julie drove Penny Lane back to Washington DC.
    Julie Adams is also very involved in dog rescue. Take look at the HBO movie, one nation under dog. She is in it. I think there is a trailer on you tube.
    I have been a pilot for Pilots N Paws for over 6 years (google my name Jim Carney PNP) and have flown over 1500 dogs and I was honored to fly Penny Lane from Texas to Covington, TN. Thank God we got her and her pups out of the shelter just in the nick of time!!!
    Jim Carney
    Pilot Pilots N Paws

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