A little frustrated...

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A little frustrated...

Postby Iceman1007 on Wed May 23, 2012 3:01 pm

My daughter and I have now done 3 "missions".

First was a dog from Long Island to Portsmouth, NH

Second was two dogs from Long Island to Burlington, VT

Third was three dogs to Manchester, NH

After the first flight, I got a call from the new adopter, saying the dog was unmanageable, and was I interested in taking her. Umm.. no, not a chance. He was OK, and didn't bug me about it.

Then last night, I get a panic call from the lady that took one of the dogs this past weekend. She is just desperate because the dog is tearing everything up, barks and cries all night, and is causing a problem with her husband and child. She actually asked me if I could fly up to NH and take the dog.

I was trying to be nice, and did not want to be rude, but...

If I get too many more of these, I will stop doing the flights...
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Re: A little frustrated...

Postby Eric27 on Wed Jun 20, 2012 7:27 pm

I guess the first question I would ask is, did you pick up from a rescue and deliver to the new owners. I would make sure on your next flight you tell the rescue to amke sure the receiving end knows you are just a delivery person and have no obligation as to the health, or temperment of the animal you are delivering.

I have been lucky in that every transport I have done has gone off without a hitch. I pick up from a rescure and have delivered to a rescue and everyone was great to work with.

Good luck, but as the pilot you need to lay down the ground rules for transports.
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Re: A little frustrated...

Postby admin on Wed Jun 20, 2012 7:45 pm

Totally agree with Eric. Pilots N Paws pilots are the conduit for rescues, shelters, adopters, and once the animals are handed over to what is supposed to be their APPROVED people, the pilots mission is done.

As a pilot in charge, you need to make it clear early on to the parties you are working with that you are generously providing transport, nothing more. Pilots are in charge, period, and the parties who are sending and receiving need to be responsible in making certain the animals are going to a safe place and have a back up plan if things do not work out. Respectable rescues will ALWAYS take an animal back. If adopters agree to accept an animal from several states away, they need to use due diligence and find out everything possible about the animal headed to them for adoption. No one wants an "adoption" failure but it happens. When it does, the sending and receiving parties need to work together to resolve it. This has absolutely nothing to do with the pilots.

Please respect each other enough to do what is right for the animals. Calling a pilot who has donated his time and service to you is not the appropriate protocol and actually the first I have heard of this. Thanks to all who work together for a positive outcome!

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Re: A little frustrated...

Postby Possecop on Wed Jun 27, 2012 4:55 pm

Maybe to avoid this from happening again, that the sending rescue contact the adopter and not the pilot, Any communications should only be between rescue and adopter and rescue and pilot.... And the sending rescue should be 100% sure of the successful adoption..
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Re: A little frustrated...

Postby BBS Rescues on Wed Jun 27, 2012 5:43 pm

Im not a pilot but as a rescuer?? The adopter's first call should have been to the rescue and not to the pilot. The pilots are doing us a huge favor by doing these rescue flights and the last thing they need is to be getting calls about dogs not working out. The thought of losing good pilots over something like this would be hard to deal with for rescues. We value every pilot for everything they do to try and help us get the dogs to their new homes. The adopter needs to know that it takes a few weeks for some dogs to adjust and some are harder than others to adjust. But they should definitely speak to the rescue they adopted from. Thank you for all you do.
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Re: A little frustrated...

Postby WLCCRescue on Sat Sep 07, 2013 9:42 pm

I know that this is an older post but how in the world did the adopters get the pilots phone number!?
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Re: A little frustrated...

Postby traunero on Sat Sep 07, 2013 10:23 pm

This is one reason I avoid flying animals to "forever homes" to the adopters. I prefer to fly animals from rescue/foster to rescue/foster. I am not free transportation for someone adopting a dog/cat. If others want to do that, fine. I get more satisfaction out of saving a dog from a kill shelter and getting it to rescue/foster.

That said, I have never had anyone call me with such a problem after a transport. If I did, I would tell them it's not my problem.
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Re: A little frustrated...

Postby Christine_B on Mon Nov 04, 2013 1:30 am

Many dogs and cats going to forever homes ARE from kill shelters, or through rescues. Try also to think about things from the foster/adopter side...these people have agreed to take an animal they have not met, and sometimes an animal who has not had a good life and may have been traumatized by being at the shelter. Some are not prepared for all of this, but they wanted to save a life. Volunteering in animal rescue takes a period of adjustment, things go right and things go wrong but over time you are able to set boundaries and try and set things up for success as much as possible. It's just a little turbulence and that is normal. It would be a shame to lose a pilot over issues that can be worked on and worked out.
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Re: Fur-ever home here...I can't get help!

Postby hulahula on Sun Dec 01, 2013 10:05 pm

I would hate for a "forever home" to do this kind of thing, but sadly some adoptors just don't understand what they are getting themselves into. I am surprised that these people would contact the pilot though - It really has nothing to do with you guys. You are there offering to help, and they should be pretty darn appreciative!!!!

On our end...We are here waiting impatiently for our little fur-child to come to us in Ontario, Canada.....I tried finding one locally to rescue, but they are few and very far in between...so instead of buying from a breeder, I chose to search out a Pup in need. I searched (for over a month) and picked out a pup knowing FULL-WELL that she WILL be a handful (has never lived indoors and she will be 7 months old next week), and I am fully prepared for that, I still have my crate from my current boy, we bought tons of new toys, a new dog bed, a new jacket and even winter boots (she's coming from TN!). I already own a Purebred English Pointer (from 10 weeks old). My EP is my third dog, and this little English Pointer girl will be my 4th dog, and I've owned all as puppies.

I am very aware that Puppies are a lot of work, I help the local rescues here in Ottawa, Ontario with fundraising, and I volunteer many hours to help these abandoned dogs. I've helped find a home for another EP (who had her pups ripped away from her and was abandoned in a park!) ...she will be travelling to her new home (a facebook family from my English Pointer Group) on December 7th, I also aided in getting a beautiful French Pointer from Cyprus (who had been SHOT! here to a home in Canada, and at this very moment I am trying to help another Purebred EP Mommy and her 8 puppies (also from Cyprus) to a safe home ASAP.

For some reason, as I check here tiredlessly each day, and I can't get the needed help. I'm not blaming anyone - As the adoptor it's my responsibility to pick our new baby up, but it sure would be nice if those of us who deserve a break could get one.

I've been asking for help for almost 3 weeks, and no one seems to be able to pick-up our pup in Newburgh, NY (Road Dog Transport Drop-Off). So now I am stuck driving this distance (almost 7 hours one-way) by myself to rescue this deserving Puppy, which will not be an easy adventure with just 1 driver! Trust me if you were on the delivery end of my puppy you'd not only get a GIANT Hug and HUGE Thank you, you'd also get photos updating you on the pup's new home and how thankful we would be for your help.

I'm truly sorry for the idiots you have encountered, but don't let all the other really deserving homes suffer because of thier ignorance.

Kris & Family, Piper the EP...and soon Aura the EP
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