ISO Pilot 4 Trans - Knoxville to NC 9/15/13

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ISO Pilot 4 Trans - Knoxville to NC 9/15/13

Postby IceQueenTN on Tue Sep 10, 2013 2:46 pm

Sorry if I am not posting this in the correct spot. I am seeking a pilot who will be at the big PnP Documentary show at Island Airport on 9/15/13 to help transport 1 medium size dog (Pointer - 45 lbs) from Knoxville to Raleigh-Durham. Let's not only watch the doc - let's show them how it's done in person!!

Here is the original transport link: viewtopic.php?p=84396#p84396. The dog is close to Memphis and is going to Raleigh-Durham.

We have pilots for the legs from Memphis to Nashville, and Nashville to Knoxville. We need from Knoxville to Raleigh-Durham. I don't know if that part needs to be split into 2 legs or not.

Marge Janiak
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Re: ISO Pilot 4 Trans - Knoxville to NC 9/15/13

Postby PharmerPilot on Tue Sep 10, 2013 4:59 pm

I am the first pilot in this trip and wanted to add that we potentially have a pilot who can fly from Asheville, NC to Raleigh-Durham. If anybody can do Knoxville to Asheville that would likely suffice, or if anybody could do the whole Knoxville to Raleigh-Durham trip it would save on travel time and transitions.

Updated forum link is here (we've been trying this transport for a few weeks now): ... =5&t=24242

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