Smiling Dog Farms can use your help.....

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Smiling Dog Farms can use your help.....

Postby nancyland on Wed Jan 20, 2010 4:54 pm

I've signed on to help an amazing group called Smiling Dog Farms with a regular, monthly contribution and I thought you, and perhaps some of your volunteer pilots, would like to join me.

I was especially impressed with this sanctuary because when I asked Jay if he would take Holly (pictured below) so that she wouldn't be put down because no one wanted her --- he said "sure" -- without hesitation --- it's been that way for many years with Smiling Dog Farms ---- you ask - and if they can they will ..... especially for the "unwanted, unloved" animals that sit in shelters across the country destined for that long one-way walk when their time is up ....... and, why - because no one wants them.... except Smiling Dog Farms!

And just so you'll know, Smiling Dog Farms is a sanctuary, not a traditional rescue. They take dogs from all across America who have nowhere else to go. They are literally the last chance for these dogs.

They are absolutely a NO KILL facility in the truest sense of the word. Dogs that are "unadoptable" can live out their lives in safety at the farm, no matter what their issues. I have NEVER heard of or seen a sanctuary like this.

They do have an adoption and foster program, but what I find most amazing is their dedication to the dogs others throw away and kill everyday.

You can check their website, or their blog, .

Smiling Dog Farms is a 501c3 federal non-profit organization and donations are fully tax deductible. PLEASE sign up to make monthly donations of $10, $20 -- whatever you can -- by going to .... I did, and I know all the money goes directly to saving dogs. Not to marketing or executive salaries. Its ALL ABOUT THE DOGS.

Our donations really do save lives! Thank you for considering this opportunity to help dogs who have no one else to speak for them.

Well - I want to thank you for reading this e-mail --- and ask that if you can, would you please post this on your bulletin board for others to see?


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