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Pit Bull and Pit Bull Mix Foster Network

Postby City Pitties on Wed Jan 20, 2010 6:10 pm

City Pitties is desperately seeking good foster homes in the NY/NJ/CT tri-state area for minimum 3 weeks for American Pit Bull Terriers, pit bull mixes and other "bully breeds" including American Bulldogs and American Bull Terriers. You must have experience with the breed. We will consider homes with children and other pets.

The situation in NYC is dire. The NYC Housing Authority passed bans on "dangerous breeds" and weight restrictions in public housing in 2009 essentially causing many residents to surrender their good family dogs to our city kill shelters and forcing others either to not adopt or to adopt small and toy breeds instead. BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) is ILLEGAL in New York State, but the NYCHA passed this ban anyway, stripping yet another right away from New Yorkers-to own the breed or type of their choice. Euthanization rates are on the rise again in this recession as people struggle to feed the humans in their family and can't afford food or veterinary care for their best furry friends. More and more landlords are banning unfairly labeled "dangerous breeds" and dogs over sometimes 15 lbs. Which breed or type suffers the most with these bans and which are put down more than any other due to "lack of space"? That's right: The Pit Bull.

But you can help. If you are interested in fostering a pittie or bully, please contact us at CityPitties@yahoo.com or on our website www.CityPitties.org. In the coming weeks and months we will be sending out applications, and hope to include you on our Foster List. Just like in any rescue adoption situation, we would do a home and reference check should you agree to foster a dog through City Pitties.

City Pitties is a resource for pit bulls, pit bull mixes and other "bully breeds" in New York City, their “pet parents”, those looking to adopt from local shelters and rescues and those who just want to help. Our dogs don’t vote or pay taxes, but we do. We advocate for the American Pit Bull Terrier, pit bull mixes and other "bully breeds" through education, fighting BSL and breed bans and encouraging responsible ownership. City Pitties provides a variety of services for pet parents, animal rescue groups, and animal wellness providers. We are based in Bay Ridge (Brooklyn, NY) and affiliated with 19 animal rescue groups and shelters in all 5 boroughs, Central NJ, CT, and Long Island, and a variety of local merchants and service providers such as The Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals , the ASPCA and IDTAG.com. For more information, please visit our website www.CityPitties.org.

Thank you for your interest in our fostering mission.
City Pitties
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