Introduce yourselves please!

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Re: Introduce yourselves please!

Postby bearlady on Thu Oct 14, 2010 1:47 pm

Hi, Im Marlene Lawson and I am a rescuer, I have Oklahoma Lucky Dawg Rescue in Oklahoma. I have been very fortunate to have dealt with a three wonderful and kind pilots so far. Vince flew a sweet aust cattle dog, Zorro, to Colorado to his new home and Sam T and Rob S helped with a transport for Lizzie, a pointer and her 9 pups and Haley a brindle boxer pup from Oklahoma to Ohio to find their forever homes....Thanx PNP we love all involved..
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Re: Introduce yourselves please!

Postby hootie3192000 on Fri Oct 15, 2010 11:28 pm

Hello Everyone, My name is Rachel and I work with rescue organizations nationwide and we are always in dire need of charitable transport help. I joined up because I foster, train, rehabilitate, help with ground transportation, donate, rescue, rescue, rescue, socialize, promote spay/neuter, conduct fundraisers, etc... I founded/run a bully breed organization called PAWSitively LuvaBull and promote responsible pet ownership as well as volunteer constantly for local shelters. PLEASE EMAIL ME DIRECTLY AT since I am unable to log onto here from my phone while I am at work. Thank you for all you are doing!!!!
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Re: Introduce yourselves please!

Postby TammyWoods on Tue Oct 26, 2010 5:20 am

My name is Tammy Woods from Whispering Woods Animal Rescue, based in N.E. Philadelphia, PA. I am a solo Non-profit rescue with just a few volunteers and foster homes. I also am a Sergeant in the Philadelphia, PA, Police Department. Being employed by them now for 25 years. After being seriously injured in the line of duty almost 2 years ago and losing 75% of the use in my right arm, I finally decided to persue my life long dream of animal rescue. After all medical attempts and surgery have proved unsuccessful, I will more than likely not be returning to work. Therefore my rescue is now full time.

Although my organization is just 8 months old and small, I have pulled dogs from many different states around the country: PA,NY,NJ,OH, MD,NC,GA,TN, with SC being the largest % of my rescues. I also have been lucky enough to obtain fosters in each of these states. I pull an eclectic group of dogs in breed, age, health, & personality. I also pull mommas & new born puppies & pregnant mommas.

I do not move dogs in & out of my rescue quickly as I try my best to use the skills that I have acquired to not just rescue, but also rehabilitate the rescue animals prior to adopting them out. A few of my fosters also assist me with this process. We want our animals to be placed & remain forever in their new loving homes. My disability has not stopped me from training the animals, nor renting vans to travel to these areas to transport my rescues back up North. I currently have 25 dogs & one cat in my rescue. Funds, both donated & personnal, are now gone, therefore, I can not make the transports I was doing up until just last week from the South. This urged me to seek out Pilots & Paws, for hopefull assistance.

Additionally, besides my own rescuing, I also was helping other rescues with transports, home visits, shelter pulls, etc. In addition to hoping that this organization can help me with future transports, I am also offering my time to assist in any way possible. I am not sure if it is permissible for me (not being a professional flight attendant) to assist in flight with transporting the animals, but if it is, then I would be more than happy to help in that capacity. I can be contaced at:
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Re: Introduce yourselves please!

Postby dbarajas on Wed Nov 03, 2010 7:41 am

Hi everyone, my name is David, I am a newly ticketed Private Pilot working on my IR, looking to help.
I have 100hrs TT, with 25 hrs PIC, flown in C-172, Tecnam P92, and CTLS.

My wife and I are animal lovers and have rescued 3 dogs ourselves, but since we can't
take anymore in, we want to help others find great new family members.

I live southeast of Houston in Pearland, Tx, and fly from KEFD and KLVJ, no plane, would am willing
to help with right seat duties if needed.

Thanks for the opportunity and look forward to many happy adventures!!

Re: Introduce yourselves please!

Postby STAAR on Thu Nov 18, 2010 1:12 pm

Hi, I am Sharon Mosher in Katy, Tx. Our organization is a rescue, rehab, adoption and sanctuary. We celebrated 22 years of service to this area this year. We can help over night when needed. We would like to find local pilots to participate. If anyone has helpful ideas, let me know.
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Re: Introduce yourselves please!

Postby humanescTLB on Sun Dec 12, 2010 10:01 pm

I am Tammy. I am in Greenwood, SC. I am actually from the Humane Society of Greenwood S.C. and I am the Asst Shelter Manager / Rescue Coordinator. I am looking for many ways to save the animals that I care for everyday, I am always looking for people to help with transport as that is the biggest issue in moving the animals, so if anyone can help in anyway please feel free to contact me. We have lots of animals to save, and I plan on getting as many out to safety as I can. :) Thanks everyone!
Tammy Byrd
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Re: Introduce yourselves please!

Postby feral08 on Mon Dec 13, 2010 1:49 pm

Hello everyone,
My name is Lisa Sobocinski. I own & operate a private rescue/sanctuary that works primarily with stray & feral cats in Celoron, NY! I have rescued from Kentucky, NJ, & now NY city {Brooklyn}. I have saved the lives of over 400 animals since 2008! 11 of these are dogs, 5 are ferrets, 2 rabbits, & a few rats, mice etc here & there. I am a true animal lover with tons of refrences, & am STRICTLY no kill unless the animal is beyond a cure. I look forward to many happy endings on this site..
Thank you & great to meet you all!~
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Re: Introduce yourselves please!

Postby TinksMom on Mon Dec 20, 2010 12:45 pm

My name is Raven. I came to PnP a year ago on the suggestion of someone I had done rescue work with (I am involved in high risk rescues) when my own dog almost became a statistic - thanks to a fabulous pilot Tink lived and is still happy in her new home and life is good. After that I got out of dog rescue as it broke my heart one too many times - we pull/foster and find homes for those dogs that are basically on the death list in high kill shelters and have not long to live. It does pull at you. Anyways one of the dogs I posted about today is the reason I got back into it - something in his eyes said Help Me Take Me Home & then come back for more. So after a years hiatus I am jumping back in . . . .
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Re: Introduce yourselves please!

Postby jamiesota on Tue Dec 21, 2010 12:30 am

Hi All,

My Name is Jamie Mason I live in Fergus Falls Mn. I am working on getting my adopted dog home from Jakata Indonesia, Not sure what hub he will fly into at this point. Will either be JFK or Huston. His name is Jati and he is paralyzed from the middle of his spine down his back legs and uses a wheel chair or we just call his wheels. Not really what eles to say at this time, please if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Thank You,
Jamie and Jati
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Postby DeborahML on Tue Dec 21, 2010 8:44 am

I have been following this wonderful group but only recently registered. I work in cocker spaniel rescue and specifically work with Charlotte Cocker Spaniel Rescue in North Carolina. I am working on a specific challenge as I write and was looking for tips and recommendations from this site that may help me with this challenge.
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