Ground Transport and Pilot Support in So Calif

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Ground Transport and Pilot Support in So Calif

Postby Chef_David on Mon Feb 09, 2009 12:50 am

My name is Chef David Edelstein. I live in Southern California. I am a new member and wanted to introduce myself.

For those of you familiar with the world of Pit Bulls, Breed Specific Legislation, Pit Bull Bans, Rescue, Etc... You might have heard of me and and the now infamous "Team Pit-a-Full". I drove from Orange County, CA to Denver, CO to rescue Forrest and Kane... the first two pit bulls to survive Denver Death Row for dogs under that city's Breed Specific Ban. We now all live in orange county, go to the dog park, go on hikes, to grandma's house for treats, etc.
You can see our story at the following links:
as well as see our videos on YOUTUBE...

"WE" have all been given a second chance at life... and its time to pay back, GLADY!!! Well, I can't fly a plane or navigate from the air to save my life... but:
We are offering ground transport as well as pilot support (ie, food, coffee, supplies, etc) in and around the So Calif Area... from Ventura to San Diego, Los Angeles to the state line (CA/NV).

I can be contacted at the following:

cell- 714/ 473- 3990
fax- 714/ 626-8859

I hope and look forward to working with some of you on this end of the U.S. very soon.


Chef David Edelstein
& Team Pit-a-Full
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