Pilot Unable to Sign on to Reply to Email from this Forum

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Pilot Unable to Sign on to Reply to Email from this Forum

Postby 2speckledblue on Mon Aug 02, 2010 8:56 pm

I'm posting this for Bob Hite, rehite@comcast.net, who flies out of Cartersville GA. He received an email but has been unable to get on the forum to see it.

Here's what he sent me.

I got an EMail today wanting me to contact Pilots n Paws for possible trip for two dogs. However I am unable to contact them-they will not accept my name or password. Do you have any contact with them and could you relay my problem and ask that they contact me. Is v ery frustrating. Its like someone not taking your call. Would appreciate any help or advice.

Can you straighten this out for him? He flew two dogs for me this past weekend. He is a wonderful pilot and doesn't want to miss an opportunity to help rescue.
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Re: Pilot Unable to Sign on to Reply to Email from this Forum

Postby admin on Tue Aug 03, 2010 12:37 pm

Hi and thank you for sending this on for Bob. The forum board log in must be exactly as you registered and that includes capital letter, spaces, commas, etc. I have Bob all squared away now, he is able to log in and retrieve messages and answer the requests for help.

Appreciate your letting us know! Remember, you can always email from the website homepage under the contact us link and we will get back with you promptly!

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