Please Advise and Help-

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Please Advise and Help-

Postby StephanieSmith on Thu Sep 20, 2012 9:09 am


My name is Stephanie and I am with the Rescue Organization Save A Lab. We have a unique situation that I am hoping you may be able to help us with. We recently committed to and pulled three dog from The White County Animal Shelter in Sparta, TN. One male and two pregnant females. The male has been neutered and we found a short term local foster home for him until he is ready to transport up to one of our fosters in the Northeast. One of our females is no longer pregnant. She is now nursing 7 four day old puppies. The other female we are trying to get on a ground transport (private) this weekend so that she can have her babies in the home of one of our administrators.

So here is where I need your help and advise. The Momma that gave birth had her 7 babies at the shelter. We have gotten her out of the shelter and in a foster home. We would like to transport them ASAP as the foster home isn't the greatest. I hate to say that but it is true.

I am afraid to get a new nursing Mom vaccinated as she is as you can imagine on the skinny side (stray) and looks as though she was used as a breeding machine. I would like to know if she can be transported without be subjected to having to be fully vetted and the whole 9 yards. This is only short term for as soon as she is ready and her puppies are weaned she will be fixed, vetted, microchipped, and in foster care until we find her the perfect forever home.

Please any advise or help will be greatly appreciated.

Stephanie Smith
Save A Lab - Volunteer

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Re: Please Advise and Help-

Postby RickG on Thu Sep 20, 2012 3:44 pm

I am a volunteer pilot and certainly not a subject matter expert in the realm of animal rescue. However, I have flown 23 rescue flights and transported dozens of dogs to safety.

The answer to your question is dictated by law and not compassion, which is not always what we want to hear. As you know, every state has their own requirements with regard to bringing in animals over state lines. If needed you can access that information through this link:

Personally, I will not make a transport across state lines without the proper paperwork, but I speak for myself and not for all pilot volunteers. There is too much at risk. Even at the small airports we typically fly in and out of, pilots can be "checked" by animal control officers ... and it has happened. Without the proper paperwork, health certificates etc. the pilot is at risk for being fined and the animals are at risk for being confiscated. Some states have little tolerance for non-compliance of these regulations; they are simply trying to insure illness and disease do not spread amongst the existing animal population. I would also speak to a vet about flying 4 day old puppies. I realize they are older with each passing day but that seems awfully young. You may want to check this thread:

Hope that is of some help and many thanks for the work you do on the ground.
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