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Postby admin on Sat Jul 07, 2012 2:59 pm

This was sent to us from one of our caring pilots, Keith Decker. It needs to be brought to everyone's attention that asphaut and hard services can become burning hot, literally, in the heat waves around the country. Please consider this when you are asking your animal passengers to walk to and from the planes and cars. It can literally burn the pads of their feet. We wear shoes so it may not cross your mind to consider that the animals do not :D Here are Keith's wise words and a photo to show you how truly hot the tarmac becomes. Thank you all for your efforts!

"Thought this might be put out to the pilot group from you. So many will let the lineman park them where there is a long walk from transport vehicle to the plane and they will take them by leash rather than carry them. This picture was taken by a lineman friend of mine at Rock Hill, SC. 7-3-12. It is an instrument airports use to take the temperature of the pavement so they know where to park the heavier aircraft so they don't sink into the ramp. Try to be parked as close to the terminal as you can. Some have a radio frequency to use to explain your needs. Pilots can also refuse lineman's parking instructions and park where they want if they are only there for a short pick-up, turnaround. Lineman might be upset, you are the Captain.
Looks like another hot summer. I hope you can get this message to the PnP group ASAP!
Thanks and best, Keith
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