Update to Pilots N Paws Canada's program

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Update to Pilots N Paws Canada's program

Postby BCGG on Mon Aug 20, 2012 4:42 pm

It has been two months since our launch in Canada and we now have about 28 pilots registered across our country. Rescues are beginning to get comfortable with this crazy thing called "free air transport" help and I think the pilots are beginning to get hooked to the fun of it all.

After some discussions with my Board of Director members and a chat with my friend Debi Boies Co-Founder of Pilots N Paws in the US, I have made a decision to change or broaden our Pilots N Paws Canada program mandate.

As many of the larger animal rescue groups such as NOLA and NBRAN operate within both Canada and the US, we will now look for ways to assist these groups moving animals into fosters or adopting homes from the US if they are already established with Pilots N Paws in the US. I guess it would be as the Canadian legs as needed.

We will still maintain our position of not assisting those who bring animals into Canada for profit or from any countries outside of Canada and the USA where health standards differ. We will maintain the same health standards required to keep the pilots and their own animals protected and provincial requirements respected re heartworm, rabies etc.

We hope this change will encourage more cooperation between our two separate organizations and help even more animals find permanent homes.

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