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Postby Liza007 on Sun May 05, 2013 11:35 am

My friend Pilots..
A lot of you know me here as I have probably at some time or another, begged a ride for one of my many hounds in need.

A recent transport has me pretty fired up as it could have ended a lot worse...

2 little dogs got loose on a transport and went missing for 5 hours, luckily these dogs were found by state police; but then I'm ahead of the story.

You see it is my strict policy that ALL my dogs are transported with harnesses, leashes attached to them and collars WITH CONTACT INFORMATION. When I had received word last night that 'my' dogs went missing, I had also found out that they had gone missing WITHOUT ANY IDENTIFICATION. While these little criminals had microchips, let's face it, Saturday night, late.. when ACO offices are closed, is it realistic that if they are found, that person is going to know to scan them?

Immediately upon notification of their escape, I had contacted local sheriff and state police agencies in the area as well as 24 hour veterinary clinics.. hoping that if found, someone would call. (The good news is that they were wearing matching pink harnesses, collars and dragging leashes)

The bad news is that I am half a country away and can't help.

The story ends well.. I did receive a call from the state police, they had received a call from a resident that the little monsters had shown up covered with mud and thinking themselves pretty special.

Rescues that have come to me are REQUIRED to have these dogs clean, and properly 'geared' up. I don't know if they are following my rules if YOU DON'T TELL ME. It's not 'OK' if they don't.

IF any of my dogs show up to you without being in 'car clean' condition, proper paperwork, leashes, collars WITH CONTACT information and HARNESSES, I am asking that you call me or refuse to transport.

Contact ID can be as simple as a piece of duct tape with my cell phone that is enveloped over the collar like a big stinkin flag. Harnesses are used for walking a dog; if a dog slips a collar for panicking, well then we're screwed. At least if they get out of a harness, they still have identification on them. If you have been generous enough to open your home to one of my transient canines, then I ask that YOUR cell phone number also be included on the 'duct tape' tag.

Identification is NOT a rabies tag. IF the girls had been wearing their rabies tag (which was taped to the ppwk back at the overnight fosters house) all that tag would have is the Virgina vet (who at 8:00pm is home)

Please, for the sake of my sanity and for the dog's safety, bring a roll of duct tape with you on flights... BUT I WANT TO KNOW.. I can't fix problems if I don't know there are any.

Thank you so much all of you. For your generosity and for your giving spirits and thank you all for choosing rescue

Liz Bondarek
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