Pilots N Paws 5000 is approaching!

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Pilots N Paws 5000 is approaching!

Postby admin on Sun Aug 16, 2009 9:53 am

Good morning people!

First, I would like to thank all of you who have already listed your participation and assistance for this event. Several of you have posted your request for transport need under the Pilots N Paws 5000 section of the forum and many pilots are starting to reply to you to arrange the details.

We STILL NEED MORE OF YOU! We have over 3000 registered users in our group just in the past 18 months since we began Pilots N Paws. Surely there are more rescues and shelters who have a need to transport a few of their animals to another location for a better chance at finding their adoptive homes? If you do not have a group you have worked with before, then email others listed here and see if you can work together to build a new relationship. If you do have an established contact, then step up and agree to send or receive at least one animal for this event. Some of our new members are even asking for transport for 35! That is fabulous, and really makes a statement about how great the need is for these innocent ones. It isn't difficult to ask for help and the animals in your care will appreciate the help. If you are fostering and can move a couple, then this allows you to have space for more to pull from the shelter. It's a win win for all!

Pilots, please keep checking the PNP 5000 board and if you can volunteer for one flight, please do! I know that some of the pilots have taken the week off and are commited to flying animals as often as they can.....others are not in a position to do that but we appreciate any participation at all! Also, twist the arm of your fellow pilots to get them on board. They can experience first hand what a rewarding feeling they will have by helping. They can protect their interior, no worries there!

The fact is we need to create national public awareness of the problems we as a country have with overcrowding of animals and how they can help to mend this issue. In general, the public is TOTALLY unaware of what we do in rescue work everyday and they are also unaware of how important general aviation is to all of us. Now is the time to educate them and in a positive manner--every day people helping every day people!

Come on board, get this done, and if you need help or have questions just ask! Please crosspost the message to all your groups.

Thanks so much!

Debi and Jon
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