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Postby admin on Tue Aug 18, 2009 8:40 am

Wow, so many new requests from rescues/shelters and several new pilots jumping in to join Pilots N Paws.....this is great.....keep going people, we need everyone's cooperation with this event. Remember, this is for ALL OF US, the animals, general aviation, public awareness to the plights of both animals in need and GA pilots.

As you have heard me say, we now have 3008 (as of today) registered users on this site. If only half of you agreed to sign up to participate in the Pilots N Paws 5000 we can easily reach our goal! With close to 600 pilots registered, if each you pilots would do just one flight in September, just one, we would make a huge difference.

Let's get this together, encourage your friends, make a commitment and help all of us help the animals and keep general aviation the way it is now so that these wonderful pilots can continue to help us transport....if you don't want to lose thier help, then help them! Pilots, this is your chance to show the public how important you are to us. Please look over the Pilots N Paws 5000 ride board, they are several pages of requests there now, and email the volunteer if you can help.

And no, I was not a cheerleader in my previous life but I have become one for animals and pilots!! :D

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Postby Jon on Tue Aug 18, 2009 10:42 am

Well I am going to put on a short skirt and be a cheerleader.

This is fantastic. Now it is up to both rescues and pilots to get together and make this happen. Pilots, even if a transport seems too long, toss your hat in the ring and then work with the rescues to see if another pilot along the route can pick up a portion of the route.

Rescues, please be proactive in working with pilots. Some pilots may not be able to do a long transport so a relay may be required. Help out by seeing if any rescues can be on standby at waypoints so the animals can be fostered overnight or by contacting registered pilots to see if they can help. Both pilots and rescues should contact the media. The public needs to be aware of the issues.

We can make it happen, and we want all of you to be spokespersons for our need for spay and neuter, for more pilots to help with transports and eliminating the threats to general aviation such as restrictive and unnecessary TSA security procedures, and another layer of user fees.

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