LINKS: FIND AIRPORTS, Routes, Nautical miles between airport


Re: LINKS: FIND AIRPORTS, Routes, Nautical miles between air

Postby voidptr on Wed Nov 23, 2011 11:09 am

I worked this up a while ago, might be useful for someone. Create a new bookmark in your browser with the following as the URL:

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When you need to find the nearest airport to somewhere, find wherever you're looking for on Google maps and roughly center it in the window. Then open the bookmark you created in step 1, and it should open up a new window with a list of all the airports within 60 miles of the center of the map. The same caveat as above applies, the nearest airport may not be the closest drive time or most convenient. You can usually copy the airport identifier back into Google maps to get driving directions.

Edit: I use this in Safari 4 and 5, and I've had at least one report that it works in later versions of IE. YMMV on other browsers, it may need to be tweaked a bit.
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Re: LINKS: FIND AIRPORTS, Routes, Nautical miles between air

Postby Wellcome on Thu Feb 02, 2012 12:10 pm

Can you tell me about any tool which can calculate mileage between cities, Please tell me how it works. What is its function. Please tell me about this tool.
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Re: LINKS: FIND AIRPORTS, Routes, Nautical miles between air

Postby Skyhawk599 on Wed Feb 15, 2012 1:48 pm

Regarding the aircraft designation, I prefer to just insert the words "Animal Rescue Flight" in block 11 (Comments) of my flight plan. Even being on a VFR flight plan, I feel it is noticed and helps ATC to know about us. Also, I also am not hesitant to request a 300 ft/min descent from ATC for the purpose of gently changing the air pressure on the dogs' ears. I've even had controllers ask me what type of animal I was flying. My reply always includes a plug for Pilots'n Paws. :D
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Re: LINKS: FIND AIRPORTS, Routes, Nautical miles between air

Postby JSumeracki on Fri Feb 24, 2012 9:12 pm

To this day, after 3 years of flying 540+ hours (private), I still use Google Airport Finder as the fastest way to find an airport in an unknown area. Here's the link:

The airports are broken down as public/private, airplane and helicopter. Great tool, very fast. I then transfer airport code to or my iPad (Forflight) and start planning. I highly recommend Forflight HD for you iPad owners, BTW... I now use it exclusively for my IFR approaches and charts, subsription $80/year, great deal! I still keep my local paper copies of airport directory and local approaches (expired) just in case the iPad dies. (Still legal with the 530W/430W).
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