SBP - San Luis Jet Center - San Luis Obispo, CA


SBP - San Luis Jet Center - San Luis Obispo, CA

Postby PilotChip on Mon Jun 24, 2013 3:15 pm

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Transported a dog here. First time flying in to the airport. I sent them a FBO fax and requested parking near the front door so the dog wouldn't have to walk too far on the hot cement. The follow-me truck pulled me right up close, it was great!

They provide non-profit organizations with their full service fuel at the self-serve prices, seemed very reasonable and convenient. It was about a $.70/gal discount and no ramp fees.

The Jet Center is directly behind the control tower. Nice ramp, very nice lounge. They also had a garden hose outside that made it convenient to fill up my portable dog bowl.

The lounge is very modern with couches, coffee, etc. They also have a device charging station, but it didn't seem to provide the correct power output for my iPad Retina with the Thunderbolt port. It might say "not charging" but that just means it is still charging, just not at the full rate.

The receptionist booked a car rental for me and the rental company even brought the keys over - I didn't have to move! Everything is close to the FBO: terminal and car rental lot. There are wineries near by, too, and the car rental associate provided some great recommendations. Try the Firestone Grill, best tri tip sandwich around.
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