Philadelphia (KLOM) - travel 4-5 hour radius

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Philadelphia (KLOM) - travel 4-5 hour radius

Postby nicksdvm on Mon Oct 13, 2008 5:59 pm

Philadelphia - travel 4-5 hour radius

Pilot location: Philadelpia, PA area. Wings field (KLOM)
Availability: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 4-5 hour radius.
Equipment: Cessna 172SP - best for small - medium sized canine passengers but could disscuss options for bigger kids
Additional comments: Pilot and Veterinary Surgeon with option of a Veterinary technician to accompany if needed although healthy passengers are just fine too!
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Re: Philadelphia (KLOM) - travel 4-5 hour radius

Postby hopeofny on Tue Jan 06, 2009 9:32 am

Hi there
We are trying to get Becca an 8month old parvo puppy from Northern KY to NY, any chance you could help? We are getting her litter mates by ground but they will not let Becca travel on the transport because of her recent illness. The pound threatened us with putting her to sleep if we cannot find transport, she would need to be transported this weekend, friday sat or sunday. I attached her picture ... d=12718015

Thank you
Ashley from H.O.P.E
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Re: Philadelphia (KLOM) - travel 4-5 hour radius

Postby Jon on Tue Jan 06, 2009 10:39 am


Welcome and thanks for volunteering. Scan the transportation requests to find missions that you can do or participate in. I am sure in your area there will be quite a few. You may have to help rescues understand a little about aviation and your abilities, but as you begin working with rescues and doing flights they will learn how much room you have and the abilities you and your plane have.


Please list the origin and end points. Both states are large enough and the weather diverse enough to require your post to be more specific. When you say the pup needs to be transported this Fri, Sat. or Sun you may be eliminating a lot of pilots from considering the transport because you do not allow any schedule flexibility to deal with weather that might postpone a flight. Are those day critical or do you have some scheduling options? Have you posted this request in the area where rescues seek rides. It may get lost if not.

Thanks. Jon

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