Pilot in Las Cruces, NM

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Pilot in Las Cruces, NM

Postby johndarden on Thu Oct 16, 2008 3:34 pm

I have a 1957 C172 with a 145 HP engine. That means that in density altitude, I have more limited capacity than at sea level. Las Cruces in the summer often has density altitude in excess of 7500 feet. And in southern Colroado where my in-laws live, density altitude is about 10,000 if I do not launch at sunrise. I currently travel with my 60 pound dog or 100 pound wife so I could accomodate a medium size dog. The early C172s do not have large back seats and the dog would have to be able to be seat belted in the rear seat. I have one set of Mutt Muffs for a mid size dog. My travel range would be 2 to 2 1/2 hours or from 200 to 250 miles north, east and west. My service ceiling is 11,000 though I have flown 12,500 during a NM Pilot's Assocation Mountain Flying Clinic. Nevertheless, I do not care to traverse mountains closer than 1500 above ground level and that leaves many areas over which I will not travel. I have a 8 to 5 job Monday through Friday but with some adjustment time, could accomodate some flights. John Darden
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Re: Pilot in Las Cruces, NM

Postby Debi on Thu Oct 16, 2008 7:41 pm

Hi John,

Great information and even though I am not a pilot, I believe I understood your explanation....the important thing is you are volunteering and you have a set a muttmuffs-- Michele will like to read that :D Thanks for being here!

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