Air Transport Coordinator volunteer

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Air Transport Coordinator volunteer

Postby Olac on Fri Jan 16, 2009 7:49 pm


I am based in Boulder, Colorado. I work odd hours as a freelance photographer (Olac Photography). I can help out by coordinating flight details for pilots. I also can house a dog( that is dog and cat friendly) for a night or two (only) if a pilot is stuck due to weather and needs a safe place for an animal to stay. I have a 12 year old german shepard who I take everywhere. Safe Flying! Thanks for doing what you do! Dory Johnson 303-449-4729

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Re: Air Transport Coordinator volunteer

Postby Jon on Fri Jan 16, 2009 9:20 pm


Thanks for your kind offer. Scheduling, determining leg lengths (on long transports) and routing are all the responsibility of the pilots involved. Each pilot and his aircraft have different capabilites and limitations so those tasks are the exclusive responsibility of pilots.

However, a critical role people such as you can play is to work with the pilots. Once they have determined leg lengths, their flight schedule, their waypoints, etc. they need help in having back up rescues along the route and at waypoints especially. By having a safe haven for a plane load of animals, the pilots will not be pressured to begin or continue a leg if it is prudent for them to stop due to mechanical considerations or weather. Pilots are often contacted by rescues with a transport request, but pilots could use the help once the transport begins taking shape in having rescues available to shelter and care for animals should the need arise until the transport can be resumed.

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