BrowsvilleTX To Brewton Alabama 900miles

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BrowsvilleTX To Brewton Alabama 900miles

Postby BrittanyRescueTexas on Sun Mar 20, 2011 6:45 pm

Brownsville Shelter got in a dog that was microchipped in Alabama. The dog had gone missing in January of this year. The family looked and looked but could not find her. She ended up a stray on the streets of Brownsville, TX 900 miles away. She can't talk so we don't know how she ended up there but she did! It took some doing but we organized a trip from Brownsville TX to Houston TX with Lyle, the planes owner Karen kept Shady overnight. The next day Gail of Cat's Cradle (cat shelter) volunteered to see Shady off at the Navasota Airport. Danny from Baton Rouge took the Navasota to Brewton Alabama route and Shady arrived home today to be with her children!!!! It is a very very heartwarming story worthy of Walt Disney status. Shady even got to meet the Mayor of Brownsville TX who took time out of his busy schedule to come take photos....
Shady and her children
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Shady gets her License 2nd leg
Karen and Shady 1st leg
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