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Postby rsqdoc58 on Mon Mar 30, 2009 12:01 am

When Sam Taylor answered my request for transport help,almost immediately after my posting it, neither of us could have predicted what was in store for our willing volunteer.

We had three English cockers in two different places in MO, and Sam took it upon himself to gather all 3 together under one roof (his) so he could have things under better control (ha ha ) Also, this would make it easy on OTHERS he reasoned,because he needed to leave as early as he possible (eg "0:dark thirty" ,as one of my friends likes to say). The reason for the early departure time was that Sam had decide to help out ANOTHER dog on his return trip from OH,the destination for our dogs.

As luck would have it,one of our dogs, Balu, who was specifically being sent to OH to go directly to a vet, had a chronic urinary tract problem. He had been treated for multiple obstructions due to stones and we were aware that his stream had been decreasing. So as my volunteer departed after handing Balu over, Sam noticed that the dog sure was having trouble with his pipes. A short while later, 7:30 PM EST, Sam was on the phone with me expressing concern that the dog couldn't urinate . Without missing a beat, he offered to take the dog to the nearest 24 hr veterinary hospital,which he did...along with the dog's vet records, crate and large bag of dog food.

And 'twould be nice if the story ended there ,but Balu was so blocked up,that it was advised that he be taken immediately to a specialty clinic to see a surgeon. I'll never know what obscenities Sam might have muttered under his breath, but I would safely guess,he did no such thing,but instead,gathered up this dog, which had only been in his care for a couple of hours ago and shuffled off to the other facility,even farther from home. Balu stayed there for treatment and Sam got, I hope, some sleep that night.

Now..did I mention that Sam made over a two hour round trip to pick up our other two dogs EARLIER that day? I knew the dogs hadn't been bathed before being released from the hospital where they had been ,but I didn't realize quite how much they STANK.

Meanwhile,two days later,the flight was scheduled but rain held things up.
Sam kept in continual contact with the woman who was meeting him in Columbus to give him his next passenger. Sue,who had a Belgian shepherd to deliver, was wonderful also, bec she drove OUR dogs to their destination after Sam landed in OH. I don't know how risky the weather was, but Sam clearly was concerned about getting his charges delivered.Finally the weather cleared and the trip to Oh was completed by late afternoon.

This was the first time our group had been able to plan to use PNP (another time the trip got canceled,but the pilot was also amazingly patient and flexible).

And so, I have to say that SAM TAYLOR did your group proud and 3 little dogs and myself are deeply indebted to him.

Thanks PNP! And Thanks to Sam "Our Man in the Sky" Taylor

Marsha Wallace
English Cocker Spaniel Club of America
Rescue Program
Alexandria, Va
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Marsha T. Wallace, MD
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Postby Smileyy1 on Mon Apr 13, 2009 2:42 pm

Cool story!
This is what it is all about!!
Good job Sam!

Vinton, Iowa (VTI)

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Postby admin on Mon Apr 13, 2009 10:51 pm

Fabulous story and shows how much the pilots care about these animals who need our help. Way to go Sam!! It would be great to have a follow up story on these pups finding their forever homes. Mark is right, this truly shows the generous hearts of the pilots who volunteer!!

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