Atlanta, GA to VA and MD Aussie Rescue

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Atlanta, GA to VA and MD Aussie Rescue

Postby Catmndu on Sun Oct 11, 2009 12:05 pm

Abelardo A and his copilot and dog wrangler flew three of our Aussies out of PDK this morning at 8am. Abelardo and his friend were set to fly to Concord NC and then a ground transport would take the dogs to Danville, VA for pilot Thomas to take over. However Abelardo said "why don't I just fly them for you to Danville?" Yet another occasion of our wonderful rescue pilots going that extra mile to see dogs to safety.

Both gentleman were wonderful to work with and their love of animals really showed. Marci, JJ and Kelley were a little unsure about their trip, but they arrived safely in Danville with pilot Thomas.

Every experience I have with these wonderful pilots is so heartwearming and humbling. Flying three dogs is no easy feat and they do so with such ease.

Moving these dogs out of GA has now made room in GA foster homes for several Aussies who were displaced when their owner sadly committed suicide. These dogs who have lost the only owner they have ever known would have faced very uncertain fates had Abelardo and his friend not agreed to move three dogs out to make room for the others needing our help.

This was such a wonderful day for us, and we hope for the pilots as well. This flight reduced the amount of stress to the dogs by shortening a very long trip for them. We are so grateful for their assistance.


Rachael Eley
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Re: Atlanta, GA to VA and MD Aussie Rescue

Postby kgsheltie on Mon Oct 19, 2009 3:36 pm

Just a quick update, Marci (the blue merle female in the middle of the first picture) has gone home with an adopter.

Thanks again to the pilots who helped get her there.
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