NC Roxie made it to IN- woohoo!!

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NC Roxie made it to IN- woohoo!!

Postby maddoxbonnie on Tue Feb 02, 2010 3:36 pm

On Sat, Jan 30th Roxie finally made it to Muncie,IN into the Adopt A Lab's Rescue program :lol: Sweet Roxie is well on her way to a better life! THX Adopt A Lab!!!
Even through the rare snow & ice of "eastern" NC, Roxie did it---THX to the expertise & safety of PnP pilots Justin (out of SC) & Galen (out of OH) & Cary (out of IN).
I would also like to THANK the other PnP pilots who tried to make Roxie's transport work the week prior: Pat (out of VA) & Matt (out of WV) & the Holgrem's who had agreed to temp overnight Ms Roxie.
And as always...THANX to InnerBanks Canine Rescue & Pamlico Animal Hospital for keeping Roxie warm & safe & healthy after she lost her 3 pups :(


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