Penny from MO to SD has a happy ending after 5mo

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Penny from MO to SD has a happy ending after 5mo

Postby Painfultruth on Wed May 19, 2010 12:13 pm

A happy ending is always a good thing to read isnt it? Penny, when Sam flew her to us back in Dec of 2009 was a broken dog. She was only saved from being put to sleep because some crazy lady up in South Dakota told Half Way Home Adoptions in Kansas City, MO to send me this dog. There was something about her, she was the one we needed to save her life.

It was easy to get her to me thanks to Sam, he was already heading close to that way and Penny was allowed to ride along so he brought her only within a hour or so of me.


This picture tells it all as she looks at the plane starting up to leave, as she is being walked to the car. Sam saved her life getting her to us. He has a spot in ALL of our hearts for that :)


Penny was abused, had stained fur from an embedded collar, scared of loud noises and all around just broken, we know what broken means with these dogs. We fostered her for 5mo teaching her to be social with dogs, to trust people again and to just be HAPPY. That she is, always smiling, wanting belly rubs and a confident dog.

Last night she was formally adopted. Her new family cant get enough of her and she is spoiled rotten. We cried hard as we left as a family. Not because she is gone, but crying hard to see where she came from to where she went. What rescue is all about.

Thanks Pilots N Paws!!!! Pics of Penny from her new owner

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