THX PnP Pilots Nick & Charlie

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THX PnP Pilots Nick & Charlie

Postby maddoxbonnie on Wed Jun 30, 2010 4:33 pm

As I've said numerous times but think it bears repeating, I'd like to reiterate again just how THANKFUL I am to be part of working w/ so many ANIMAL LOVERS!! We as rescue workers see so many horrible things that when we have these breath-taking moments- it makes things so worthwhile!
A special THX goes out to the PnP pilots who are our "flying angels", who can fly our doggies to different far-away locations to start a fresh new leave the past behind, to start a SAFE life they so deserve. These innocent animals are lucky to have found everyone involved in this transport!

So THX Pilot Nick who started Wanda & Syke's (the 2 LabraDane pups) air journey! And THX Pilot Charlie (& wife Cindi) who finished their air journey!

These sweet doggies would not have been saved in the 1st place w/out the help of Denyce, Mary & Barb @ InnerBanks Canine Rescue. So THX ladies!!
Lisa, we are so THANKFUL that you made room again for Wanda & Sykes @ your Rosemont Rescue Network, through your foster program. W/out you...again, we couldn't have done this.

Again, it took ALL of us to make this happen. THX everyone!!


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