Ernie's Adventure!!!!

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Ernie's Adventure!!!!

Postby pilotbrett on Tue Jul 06, 2010 11:54 pm

Ernie has touched so many people over the last week. I wanted to share his story.

Ernie started out at the Onslow County Animal Control in Jacksonville, NC. As a senior, he didn't stand much of a chance, until rescuers up and down the eastern seaboard pulled together to save this wonderful little fella.

He was reportedly terrified in the kennel at the animal control. But through emails and some serious overtime by Charity who organized a transport, Ernie's "break" began!

Enter Tiffeny, shown with her own loveable Max, who willingly went to the animal control on Saturday and pulled Ernie. "He ran to me when Linda let him out of the kennel," she said. With a buddy to escort him out the door, Ernie quickly settled into Tiffeny's car and began his sojourn to Georgia! Ernie's next stop was in Wilmington, where Tiffeny passed Ernie off to Donna. Donna said Ernie road comfortably and politely as she delivered him to Linda and Tom near Myrtle Beach, SC. There Ernie overnighted at Tom & Linda's "Weinerville Resort & Spa!" Tom said after some welcoming treats and the obligatory introductory sniffing from his own six doxies, Ernie fit right in! Tom & Linda
realized Ernie is housebroken, pleasant, congenial and just an ideal little soul to have met!

Monday morning Tom & Linda graciously took Ernie to their vet for a rabies shot, which made him legal for his next unexpected adventure: FLYING! (coordinated through Pilots n Paws organization). Pilot Brett met Tom & Linda in Loris, SC and loaded little Ernie in his Cessna 172 for the next leg of his trip! Brett said Ernie settled in very quickly as Ernie took his first known flight! Once again, he showed how well-mannered a dog he is enjoying the flight to Savannah!

There, my daughter Shannon met Brett to take possession of Ernie until I could arrive Monday night. In the few short hours at Shannon's house, we learned a few things about Ernie:
* He will sit up patiently and beg for treats
* He likes cantelope!
* He loves laps
* and he is capable of winning every heart he encounters...

Just as I was about to load up Ernie to drive back to Middle Georgia, Shannon and my grandson Mason asked if Ernie could stay "a while"....So, under the guise of being fostered, Ernie is kicked back in Savannah for a bit, joined by a 6 lb personality-packed doxie named Gepetto and Shannon's older Aussie mix Jessie! It didn't take long for Shannon to realize Ernie was much more then a temporary guest. Shannon knew this would be Ernie's last stop as he was now part of her family.

So cheers to Ernie - the little polite, lovable dachshund who motivated so many people and captured hearts all along the way!

Thank you EVERYONE!
Southern Comfort Animal Rescue, Inc.
Pilot Brett, Linda & Tom.jpg
Pilot Brett, foster parents Tom and Linda. Getting ready to depart for SAV...
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Re: Ernie's Adventure!!!!

Postby admin on Wed Jul 07, 2010 9:29 am

Great team work!! Thanks everyone and Brett, I recognize that shirt :D

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