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On the flight I made yesterday, all of the FBO's that I went too were very helpful and very friendly. They were excited we were doing this. This a list of the airports, RUQ(Salisbury NC),42J (Keystone Airpark fl), LRO ( Mt Pleasent SC), GSP (GreenvilleSC) Can't remember all of the fbo names. Didn't ask about fuel discounts. I forgot.

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Re: Salisbury NC KRUQ, Keystone Air FL 42J, SC KLRO, KGSP

Postby JSumeracki on Sat Feb 25, 2012 1:23 am

I hangared my plane at KRUQ (Salisbury, NC) for two years before moving down I-85 to Concord. Thad Howell (airport manager) and all his staff are FABULOUS and very helpful to any rescue flight operation.

While I don't believe they offer a fuel discount, they consistently strive to have one of the lowest fuel costs in the state of NC, for example, their price at this moment is $4.79 where my airport 15 miles away is $5.96. By comparison, most other airports in this area are north of $5.00.

KRUQ also has a crew car available to any pilot and there are plenty of restaurants a few miles into town. LOVE this FBO!
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