DONE 5 Dachshunds need to et to Foster care TN to MO & AZ

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DONE 5 Dachshunds need to et to Foster care TN to MO & AZ

Postby rachel on Mon Mar 02, 2009 12:30 am

Hello I have 5 Dachshunds that I need to get into Foster care they are part of a Puppy mill raid and I have to get them moved I have been trying to get a ground Transport together but have yet to get it filled I am working on the 2nd week and was hoping maybe you guys could help me out. I think I may have figured out route for you but you are best at this then I so if you know of a better route then this please just tell me. There is 1 Dachshund that will need to off the trans at Ft. Smith, AR because he will be going to Neveda, MO. Please if you can Hel let me know at
Lug= Lewisburg, TN
M65=Wynne, AR
FSM= Ft. Smith, AR
208= Hinton,TX
HRX= Herford, TX
1N1= Edgewood, NM
D68= Springerville, AZ
CHD= Chandler, AZ [map:37091-85224]
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Re: 5 Dachshunds need to et to Foster care TN to MO & AZ

Postby rylan01 on Mon Mar 02, 2009 11:13 am


Thank you for joining PilotsNPaws! This is basically a forum for animal rescues and pilots (both commercial and general aviation) as well as other volunteers to communicate in order to coordinate the transport of animals in need of a new location.

The transport request you have posted is quite a long distance and as such it may best served by the use of the commercial airlines. Please read our article from our home page ( ) , titled “Commercial Aviation Assistance.” It will give you information on how commercial airline transports operate and how to get started on arrangements.

Next, please check our Board Index (Pilots Volunteering Transport, Animal Transport Board) and go to “Commercial Aviation Personnel Transport Offers.” In there, you may a commercial airline employee who has volunteered to travel with animals. Just contact them via the Post/Reply link.

Lastly, please let me know if I can help with arrangements with the commercial airline transport. I have carried many animals over the years….all successfully reaching their destination.

Specifically, with a transport of 5 small dachsunds, you may do well by sending 2 to a crate on the commercial airlines. Please consider Delta Airlines, Northwest Airlines, or Contential Airlines. All three of these airlines provide an excellent transport service.
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