DONE*** 1 Lab puppy (Lucy) GA to NY 3/29/09

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Re: 1 Lab puppy (Lucy) Cedartown, GA to Jamestown,NY 3/29/09

Postby wayne on Wed Mar 25, 2009 8:34 am

Jon wrote:The tower or ground control is familiar with the phrase TAC Air north. It is north of the terminal, abeam the approach end of RWY 20.

Ok. It looks like that is up by taxiway Kilo.

Jon wrote:If you want I can shift my planned times a half hour. Send me an email so I can include you on the email list. We have everyone on board on that list so when we get close to the day of the transport we can make sure all involved are seeing and getting the same information.

You have my email address, we're also discussing the mission scheduling software I'm developing for PnP (small world); and my email is in the forum system.

I'm instrument rated, current and have shot approaches into CHA.
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