Done! Sat, 4/18 - GA --> NC Saving 5-6 dogs from puppy mill

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Done! Sat, 4/18 - GA --> NC Saving 5-6 dogs from puppy mill

Postby DorrieHarris on Fri Apr 17, 2009 12:58 pm

THANK YOU to everyone who helped, supported and/or transported these dogs - we ended up getting 8 (!) dogs up to Connecticut via two pilots - see coverage here of the landing in CT: ... 92218_rev1

ALL of the dogs were adopted to new, loving homes by the SPCA of Connecticut the weekend of May 1-3rd....or, as I like to refer to it as: they won the lottery of life! Thank you Pilots N Paws!!

We're gearing up to rescue another group for a July 10-12th adoption event in CT and the rescuers in Athens, GA, have asked for help as they try to move 300 dogs northward for the event. (The last adoption event netted 225 adoptions of puppies/dogs whom had come up for high kill areas. See photos at ... yMay22009# )

Thank you again - you saved these 8 dogs!!!

Dorrie Harris
Westport, CT



I am in desperate need of one pilot for a flight from Athens, GA (Ben Epps Airport - AHN) or a nearby airport for help transporting to Louisburg, NC (Franklin County Airport - KLHZ) or a nearby airport. I had been communicating with another volunteer pilot organization which flies animals but have not heard back in a week (I think they're simply overwhelmed, they're a great group)-- so am trying to save these dogs and this flight itinerary for tmw. Could someone please help?

I have nearly everything lined up already (1 pilot, ground transportation/meet ups, health certificates, etc) – but we need one more volunteer pilot for the leg noted above.

The details are below – please, please if you can help let me know otherwise I’m going to have to cancel.

The dogs below were rescued from a puppy mill on Sunday, Apr 5th, and taken to Dr. Gloria Andrews in Colbert, GA. She is a DVM and runs in addition to her practice. The dogs/crates are as follows (as many or as few as can fit in the planes/crates):

-Three crates - Large Vari-Kennels - 36X24X26high weight of each is 20# (60)

-Dogs to be coming (hopefully) are as follows:
Domino 3yr FS black and white terrier mix 50#
Bingo 5yr MN Miniature Schnauzer (Puppy Mill) 28#
Klaus 5yr MN Pomeranian (Puppy Mill) 13.8#
Reiner 5yr MN Pomeranian (Puppy Mill) 9.7#
FaLi 9yr FS Shih Tzu (Puppy Mill) 10.8#
Huan 4yr FS Shih Tzu (Puppy Mill) 11#

Total Weight 183.3#

-Domino will ride by herself
-The Min Sch and the larger Pom will ride together and the other 3 will be together
-Huan is doing alot better-she is not a biter, but human contact is not something that she enjoys. She needs to be in a
foster home for socialization.

-I am running in a half marathon next weekend and raising funds for these dogs to cover their care. Here is a link to see pictures of the dogs that are in this flight: ... 2433036669

The dogs are in Colbert, GA and can be delivered to Athens Ben Epps Airport (AHN) or a nearby airport convenient to your pilot. Their destination is Bridgeport, CT where they will be picked up by me (and another volunteer) and taken to the SPCA of CT (, a no-kill rescue who will adopt them out to forever homes. (I am a volunteer with SPCA of CT and am on the board of TAILS ( We have a pilot (my brother) who has signed on to fly from KLHZ (Franklin County Airport, Louisburg NC) to Bridgeport. (Or an airport which is convenient to your pilot and is about half way). We only need one pilot to make this a go – any chance anyone can help us?

These dogs are coming up for a mega adoption event to be held 5/1-5/3 in Plainville, CT. (Here is an article on the December 08 adoption event as reference: ... _1216.html). We had hoped to have the dogs here two weeks out from the adoption event to get to the know the dogs and because we are unable to do the pick up at the airport (on our end) the weekend of 4/25)….the adoption event is 5/1-5/3.

Many, many thanks....hope to hear from someone please.

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Re: Help! Sat, 5/18 - GA --> NC Saving 5-6 dogs from puppy mill

Postby MuttsMom on Fri Apr 17, 2009 1:18 pm

In the subject line, you have 5/18 but in your post, you mention tomorrow, as the day they need to leave. Just wanted to point that out so the date in the subject line could be changed if you're needing help tomorrow. It's going to be hard with basically no notice or time to plan, but if there's a way, these pilots are amazing. You'd have more luck if you left the date up to the pilot, and have someone foster the dogs until it's convenient for the pilots.

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Re: Help! Sat, 4/18 - GA --> NC Saving 5-6 dogs from puppy mill

Postby admin on Fri Apr 17, 2009 1:48 pm

Dorrie, I changed the date for you in the subject line so that pilots can see how desperate you truly are. Like Nancy said, if one of them can help they surely will. I am sorry you came this far with planning only to have it possibly fall apart at the last minute...........

Any pilots who can make this one leg of the run for Dorrie and these pups tomorrow??

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