Kitten - from S.Carolina to N.Jersey/NY to Canada

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Kitten - from S.Carolina to N.Jersey/NY to Canada

Postby jett starr on Thu Oct 11, 2012 7:35 pm

***THE SENDING ZIP IS MADE UP! We do not yet have an exact address but would like
to know if anyone can help!

We need help! First, Gitana Gitana is an 8 week old female kitten located at a HIGH KILL SHELTER:
Marion County Animal Shelter
123 Dog and Cat Court
Mullins, South Carolina 29574

We need to get Gitana transported from S. Carolina to Gail who is adopting her in Canada.
Gail Clouston Oct. 11, 2012-

Well I've just stopped on the phone after all morning. I've phoned Delta, Us Airlines, American Airlines and United airlines.

They all gave me the same information, they do not ship any live animals unless you travell with them at this time of year.

I contacted Air Canada and the closest place would be in Newark, NJ La Guardia airport to except any animal. The cost would be around $200 depending on size of crate the kitten is travelling in.

The flight would be #701 to transfer to flight # 692 into St.John"s Newfoundland and would arrive here 4 pm. It would have to be at the airport by 4 am to get the flight leaving at 6:30 am which is the recommended flight.

Now the problems begin who do we get to take the kitten out of the shelter and how do we get her transported across to New Jersey or New York which ever is easier ? This is the information I need to pass along to the shelter so they can let the kitten go into someones hands who are willing to do this and foster her across the USA to her destination. Have to get it all confirmed with name & number to give to Viki and hopefully she will say ok, also the Kitten cannot fly after Oct 30th so truly not much time left.

How far is it from South Carolina to New Jersey ? Or if someone was closer to the Canadian boarder and could do that route instead go up from South Carolina into Canada then get Air Canada from that point but don't know what providence it would be, do not have a map to look it up

Miles from S. Caroline to New Jersey:
681 mi, 12 hours 10 mins

The kitten will need her first needles and good health certificate from a Vet, if under 10 weeks old doesn't need a rabies but if older then 10 weeks then needs a rabies shot,sometimes a vet will give something like a rabies if under 10 weeks old but cannot think of the name of that shot right now

So any idea what I can do from this point please and thank you


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