Five EX Puppy Mill Chinese Cresteds start a new life!!

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Five EX Puppy Mill Chinese Cresteds start a new life!!

Postby 747pilot on Tue Nov 06, 2012 12:08 am

November 4, 2012
Hammond, LA
Five Chinese Cresteds rescued from a puppy mill in Houston, TX are now on their way to a new life.

They were flown from Conroe, TX to Hammond, TX by PNP Pilots David and Diane Newton. BTW, the Newtons had a plane full from the same Puppy Mill to Hammond but they went to various other rescues via ground transport. I flew my five Crested's to Brinkley, AR.
Thanks goes to,
David and Diane Newton - PNP Pilots - Conroe, TX
Terrie Varnado - Transport Expert and all around DOG LOVER - Hammond, LA
Peg Yoder - OTRA - Munford, TN
Christine Calhoun-Potts - AR
Several others in TX and LA helped make this rescue sucessful. I'm sorry but I don't have their names , maybe, Terrie can post a reply to this post and include them.
Jim carney
Pilot - PNP - TN
L>R, Diane, Dave and Terrie getting ready to load the Dogs.
Three of the five getting settled in their crate for the flight to AR.
Christine greeting her new arrivals in AR.
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Re: Five EX Puppy Mill Chinese Cresteds start a new life!!

Postby tvarnado on Tue Nov 06, 2012 9:56 pm

Yes, Jim!
In addition to those mentioned above, I would also like to thank Barbara McClatchey with Second Chance Poms in TX, Norma Lee of Recycled Poms in TX, Candis Craig of Rescue Me in LA and a huge thank you to the St. Tammany Humane Society in Covington, LA for all of their help with vetting and providing foster homes for this crew!!!!!
It truly took a village to save these 21 babies.....but everyone pulled together for the common good of the dogs. For the first time in their lives...they are being cared for like the treasures that they are!
They now begin a new chapter of their lives. A second chance at life and love!
A special thank you to our persistent pilots, Jim, David and Diane-who had to wait for HOURS to take off because of Mother Nature.
The unselfishness and patience of everyone involved in this transport was phenomenal!!! There are no words that could convey my heartfelt thanks and appreciation! We did it team....and it was a team effort!
Terrie Varnado
PNP and OTRA Animal Rescue Transport coordinator
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