Update -URGENT needs flight to Auckland, NZ Monday Morn

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Update -URGENT needs flight to Auckland, NZ Monday Morn

Postby GetMeTherePlease on Fri Jun 28, 2013 10:10 pm

Thank you to the pilots that offered help I so appreciate the quick responses. I called the contact person listed in the email and the update as of this morning (Saturday June 29,2013) is that Amtrak paid for a Transport service to get the dog to Los Angeles and has her in boarding near the airport and will have her brought to the airport Monday morning to catch her flight to Auckland, NZ.

Thank you so much for offering help the family is very grateful to you for your offers of help.

Roads Of Hope Animal Rescue Transport inc


If you can help me help this family get their dog Clover to LAX On MONDAY July 2 to catch her flight at 9am Please email me at info@roadsofhope.org or call me 512-803-2069 ASAP

Thank you

Number of animals being transported: 1
Breeds, weight, age: Border Collie
Health Condition: Great
Heart worm Status: Neg
Vaccinations: Yes
Health Certificate: Yes
Spay/Neutered: Yes
Special needs: NO
Name of Sending Rescue/Parties Owner
Name of Receiving Rescue/Parties: Owner
Contact information (publicly viewable on forum): Roads of Hope Animal Rescue Transport Inc
Are you a 501c3: Yes
Additional Info/situation: See below

I received the following Desperate plea in my inbox


On the suggestion of a friend, I am writing to if anyone with your organization can help. We are trying to move our pet from Albuquerque to Los Angeles in the next few days. We are in the middle of a family relocation from Albuquerque, NM to New Zealand and have encountered huge obstacles. Your organization looks like a noble one, and we'd be happy to support it, but find ourselves in a desperate situation. We just arrived in New Zealand, but our dog is still in Albuquerque, for reasons I'll explain.

We have a 2-year-old border collie, Clover, who is documented as an emotional support animal for one of our family members. On Monday, we went to the train station in Albuquerque to travel to Los Angeles, where we would get our flight to Auckland, NZ. Clover was listed on our Amtrak reservation as an emotional support animal who would accompany us. However, Amtrak refused to let us board the train with our dog, saying they do not allow "comfort animals." Amtrak never notified us that there was a problem with our reservation, and they offered us no alternative plans to deal with the situation they created. Since we had a limited time to make our connection to Auckland (or face an $1800 rescheduling fee), the humans in our family boarded the train, and we left our dog with a friend in Albuquerque while seeking alternate arrangements for Clover.

Unfortunately, our alternate plans for Clover have not panned out. We've been unable to find a driver to bring her, and we are encountering heat restrictions from airlines in shipping her. Right now, we need to have Clover in Los Angeles by 9 am on Monday, at the latest, to meet up with our pet transport company in time for the flight to NZ. We have spent thousands of dollars on this international transfer, and stand to lose it all (plus our beloved Clover) if we can't meet the current schedule required by NZ animal imports.

Do you have any suggestions? We are currently without a phone number in our new country, so we are using email when we can. You can contact us at this email, or call our friend Kristen in Albuquerque (who currently has Clover): 505-400-0812.

Many thanks for any suggestions you may have.

Danielle and Clay Beckner
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Re: URGENT Dog needs to catch flight to Auckland, NZ Monday

Postby rscargall on Sat Jun 29, 2013 4:43 pm

I'm based in Las Cruces, but would consider picking up this Border Collie in Albuquerque and flying it into the Phoenix area for another pilot to take on to LA. I would need to make this flight very early Sunday am. I'm pretty sure ground transport could be found in LA to get the dog from a smaller airport to LAX.

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