Transport Hou TX to NC or NY 1 special needs kitty-CANCELLED

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Transport Hou TX to NC or NY 1 special needs kitty-CANCELLED

Postby crystal on Sun Sep 06, 2009 2:31 am

UPDATE. Change of plans.-PANDY, the cute little incontinent manx kitten.
While Susan Marino of Angel’s Gate in New York was truly an Angel and graciously offered a home to little Pandy, the special needs manx kitten, in the past 2 weeks while looking for a transport, a very special adopter in Kansas that cares for special needs animals contacted me with an interest in adopting Pandy into her family. She has arranged transport and adorable Pandy will be leaving, via auto transport, in the early am Wednesday Sept 16 to travel from Houston, TX to Wichita, KS.
I want to give a heart felt THANK YOU to Susan Marino, Pilot Chris Blair and all the awesome people in the animal, kitty, special needs, rescue, rehoming, airlines, transporting network. To all the people that put the word out, that offered information, contacts, options, possibilities, resources and other assistance to me to help Pandy achieve finding a loving furrever home. What caring, warm hearted, dedicated people I have encountered working for the benefit of animals.
Pandy thanks you as I do. While I can’t really call this a Happy Tail (as he doesn’t have one) it has a Happy ending.
Crystal Maria
Houston, TX

Transport needed for 1 kitten. From Houston, Texas to North Carolina or Albany, NY.

Little Pandy has been accepted by Susan Marino into Angel’s Gate Hospice for Animals, a sanctuary in New York!

I am so happy for him!!!

I need help networking for a transport.

Know any Pilots, air flight attendents?

Anyone driving to New York or North Carolina?

Pls Cross post far and wide, everywhere.

I also need someone who does transports to advise me as I haven’t done any by air or this far.

Thank you for all your help.

Crystal Maria

Meet Pandy

Pandy was born May 16 from a pregnant rescue kitty saved from being euthanized at a shelter.
Momma kitty had her 4 kittens. 3 have gone to homes. The momma has been spayed.
One, the only male, remains. Pandy, very cute.
He is a sweetie, a special needs kitty that needed a safe, special home to live.
He needed a kitty experienced person.

He needed a proper forever home. Some said to put him down, to euthanize him.
That is not acceptable to me. That is NOT an option.
About Pandy:
He is a very happy kitty.
He is not in pain, he eats, drinks, plays, jumps, purrs and deserves to live.
He is a male kitten that was born without a tail from a rescue cat with a tail. The kitten doesn't seem to know when it goes to the bathroom. Incontinent. Other than that he seems to be normal in all developmental ways. He is the softest, most loving, affectionate kitten. He likes a lot of attention. Will sit in your lap or near your feet forever just purring and purring. Pandy loves to play. He can jump into the air and flip when chasing a little ball toy on a string. So Cute!! Tolerates baths, can wear diapers, likes other kittys, loves people.

He needs to get to his new home. He needs transport help. He needs a chance. Can you please help.

Thank you.

713 974 2524
cell 713 553 5876
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Re: Transport Hou TX to NC or NY 1 special needs kitty

Postby chrisblair on Sat Sep 12, 2009 9:35 pm

Is this transport still needed??? If so I am a pilot and I can assist u in breaking the legs down with my aviation software.

Email me and let me know, my personal email is
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