DONE! Parkersburg, WV 26101 to Buffalo, NY 14225

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DONE! Parkersburg, WV 26101 to Buffalo, NY 14225

Postby aospca on Wed Sep 23, 2009 8:09 pm

Space opened up for ground transportation, and Arthur has been placed on that transport to NY. Frisco may be able to squeeze in as well.

Arthur, a hound/pointer mix, was pulled from a kill shelter at the 11th hour in southern, OH. He is a nice mannered 54# fellow. He needs a ride to Buffalo, NY where an eight (8) year old boy and his mom are awaiting his arrival. I'm happy to split this trip up to several legs, if needed. I posted it as a complete trip to map, but in two legs, it looks like Pittsburgh, PA might be about half way although there is no need to stop in Pittsburgh if a pilot wants to fly straight to Buffalo or suggests another location to begin and end a leg of the journey.

You can contact me at

If I can get this trip filled, I might be able to add a third leg on to Toronto, Ontario, with another dog, Frisco, a Jack Russell Terrier. This little guy has been through much and flying would be less stress on him. He was heartworm positive, (heartworm is passed to dogs by a mosquito bite) and survived the horrible injections to kill the adult male & female HW, and finished his final treatment which was administered a month later to kill the microfilaria (babies), which put him into shock at the vet hospital. He was given an injection to bring him out of shock, and is now fit to travel and has his Health Certificate in his paws. If you all have the room, providing the pilot from Parkersburg doesn't mind a pit stop in Cadiz, Harrison County, OH 43988 which appears on the way to pick him up looking at the "map this request" link. You will see us there (aosca) on the map. Frisco was the victim of an animal hoarder (collector) and is ready to get out and see the world. He lived on vacant land in the country most of his life. I've been fostering him myself for well over a month while he underwent painful treatment (arsonic-like injections) at the vet hospital and he is a great little guy. weighing only 14 pounds. Even if I can get him to Buffalo, I can probably find a foster and some ground transport, if need be. Thanks!

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