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Postby rdelot on Thu Oct 22, 2009 11:04 pm

Have flight from Parkersburg VA to Cincinnati covered - will ground transport for the remainder of the trip. Second pilot took FLA route when we didn't fill right away. Thanks for everyone's help.

I posted a request last week for a transport for Dillon, a beagle who received a last minute reprieve from being euthanized, and is being adopted by the widow of a Delta Captain in Kennesaw GA. We have an offer of a transport for the 2nd leg into McCollom but he asks if someone could meet him at an airport halfway between Marietta and Kennesaw. If there is anyone who can fly this leg from Marietta OH to maybe Johnson City TN/Knoxville TN or Lexington KY area, it would be great. Please contact me at or
Rainey DeLotell
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Re: Need 2nd Pilot for one leg from Marietta OH to midway point

Postby FOURPAWS on Sat Oct 24, 2009 7:47 pm

its me carrie. I have a suggestion for you first alter you heading put marietta oh, zipcode to the mid point where you need the dog to get to meet the next pilot. Also, I am really out of the loop for Dillion so i don't want to put my nose where its not needed but I copied this from a pilot posting, you go to the link and you can find pilots listed on the route you need to go.

Our wonderful pilot friend Steve Foley has been working diligently on various maps to make it easier for all of us to search for pilots in the area we are needing transport. I cannot thank Steve enough for all his hard work in establishing these maps.

This latest map is a wonderful resource for locating a pilot/pilots between the departure and arrival points of the transport you are requesting. All you have to do is put in the city, state and zip code, click on the find button and a map will come up showing the various pilots available. When you click on the airplane pins, the pilot contact information comes up!!

Truly, this is going to make it much easier for everyone and will give us all a faster recall of which pilot is where and how to contact them. THANK YOU STEVE!!!!

Here's the link:

Please remember to list the weights of the animals and any special needs they may have in the message section of your post. Weights and balances are important when loading a plane. Don't forget to include accurate contact information as well, communication is paramount.

One caveat, since we have had so many new pilots join (THANK YOU PILOTS) they are not all incorporated into the link as yet. I suggest that you visit the Pilot Volunteer board and scroll through the listings as well as using this link to find a pilot along the route you are needing.
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