FILLED by car!! Eugene, OR to Bellingham, WA 11/8

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FILLED by car!! Eugene, OR to Bellingham, WA 11/8

Postby plavine on Mon Oct 26, 2009 8:30 pm

We have filled this transport all the way to Eugene, OR from Los Angeles! Now we only need Eugene to Portland and Portland to SEA! I'm sure we can fill SEA to Bellingham by car. I know the weather is bad, but if there are any pilots flying on Sunday 11/8 please call Patti 310.994.1062 or 213.972.4789

I know bad weather is coming and we can supplement with ground transport!! We have beautiful, senior petite brittany, Maggie, who needs to get to Bellingham, WA to her new forever home. There are also three small chi mixes (2 males, 1 female) that need to join Maggie (each is about 10 lbs.)

We can do several legs and supplement with ground -- just let me know if you can take a portion and I can adjust legs:

Santa Monica (SMO) to Bakersfield (KBFL) FILLED

KBFL Bakersfield to Madera, CA KMAE FILLED

Madera, CA KMAE to Chico, CA KCIC FILLED

Chico, CA to Redding KRDD FILLED

Redding KRDD to Medford, OR (KMFR) FILLED

Medford KMFR to Eugene, OR (KEUG) FILLED


Eugene, OR (KEUG) to Portland KTTD NEEDED! (We also need an overnight foster Saturday night)

Portland KTTD to Seattle, WA KBFI NEEDED

Seattle, WA KBFI to Bellingham, WA KBLI

If you can help, call Patti at 310.994.1062 or shoot an email to

Thank you so much for helping to get Maggie AND FRIENDS to their forever homes!!

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Re: L.A., CA to Bellingham, WA 10/31-11/1 or 11/7-11/8

Postby Mombo on Tue Oct 27, 2009 9:16 pm


Love to help get Maggie to her new home. As you know, I am limited until Nov 20th. If maggie still needs a ride, I can take her to Chico. She was a very nice girl and behaved nicely on her way down to So Ca. I'll watch for your postings. Also, if you have any photos of Maggie and Teton, I sure would love to get a copy.

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Re: L.A., CA to Bellingham, WA 10/31-11/1 or 11/7-11/8

Postby chrisj on Sat Oct 31, 2009 1:48 pm

As it happens, I'm currently planning to fly from Palo Alto, CA (KPAO) to Portland-Hillsboro (KHIO) on 11/6 and then continuing on to Bellingham, WA on 11/7.

If somebody can get Maggie up to Palo Alto around 1pm on Friday (11/6), then I can probably get her all the way to Bellingham around noon on Saturday (11/7).

One minor hitch is that due to the current dog situation at our house (two young energetic dogs and one very old and fragile lab), it's not very conducive to adding another dog to the mix. If there's anybody in the Portland/Beaverton/Hillsboro area who could board Maggie for the night of 11/6, that would make it easier for me. I'll ask around as well, but if you have a contact who might be able to help out in that department, let me know.
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